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Pod Chatter Episode 17 – Smallville

For this episode, Christopher and I talked about something we both love, Smallville! There’s a little chat about the show, but mostly it turned into talk about the tabletop roleplaying game put out by Margaret Weis Productions. That game has … Continue reading

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Cradle of Darkness Episode 1

In a dark Mexico City, a group of hunters fight against the night to safeguard those who don’t even know they need protection. This is one such story. Cradle of Darkness is a Hunter: the Vigil actual play and will … Continue reading

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Pod Chatter Episode 15 – Religions in Gaming

Whether you’ve ever thought deeply about using religion in your tabletop roleplaying game or not, there’s something in this episode you’ll enjoy. We talk about gods, we talk about religions and we talk about rituals and prayers. Religion can be … Continue reading

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CHUM 38 – Battlebards

A few days ago, I once again had the pleasure to chat with Alex of Battlebards fame about, you guessed it: Battlebards! In this episode, Alex tells me that Battlebards is going live with its public beta on February 1st, … Continue reading

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Pod Chatter Episode 8 – Mind Control

It’s a wonderful day in the Shark Bone-hood, a wonderful day to be a Shark Boner! Won’t you listen to our newest episode? Christopher and I discuss Mind Control and social interactions that remove some of the control a player … Continue reading

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Mythoard Review

There’s something pretty fantastic going on that you may not have seen. It’s called Mythoard. Mythoard is an RPG subscription box and it’s very cool. My first exposure to Mythoard was a couple months ago and I’m sorry that I’ve … Continue reading

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Sandbox Episode 11 – The Pit

Prepare yourselves for a show filled with lots of laughs and silliness. Michael from the RPG Academy came aboard and helped make this a fun-filled and inspirational episode. Enjoy. EDIT: I’ve been notified that I made a mistake at the … Continue reading

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CHUM 24 – Jadepunk Kickstarter Interview

This past Friday I had the privilege of sitting down to chat with Ryan Danks over Google+ Hangouts about his ongoing Kickstarter, Jadepunk. It looks like a very cool project. If you like Steampunk, Martial Arts and great storytelling, this … Continue reading

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CHUM14 – Magicians

A week ago, we had the opportunity to sit and chat with Kyle Simons over Skype about a cool project he’s working on, Magicians. This game is designed to help you learn Korean, and it can be used to learn … Continue reading

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Episode 106 – Fight Club / Roleplaying Insanity

And, it’s that time of the week again. The Shark Boners are gettin’ all up in your face! ….. That sounds bad. I didn’t mean it that way. BUT! There’s a new FTPH! Complete this hook: “It is the morning … Continue reading

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