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Episode 108 – Sherlock Holmes / Mysteries

This was a fun episode. I hope you enjoy it. And, I hope you get something useful out of it. Our discussion of Mysteries was really cool. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Sherlock Holmes Great White: Mysteries (starts @ 38:52) Show … Continue reading

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Episode 98

Get ready for some great discussion! And, a peek into Dresdenville. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Memento Great White: Using Scenes Out of Order Show Links Episode 100 Questions Thread Dresden Files RPG Smallville RPG Episode 98 Discussion

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Ashen Stars – A Review

The first thing I’m going to say about this game is that it’s GUMSHOE. I really, really like GUMSHOE. It’s a wonderful system that really supports the style of games I like to run and play. So, as soon as … Continue reading

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