Spark of Ra #12 – Corrupt Reading

Scene Setup: Tekrinto needs to get these documents read. He’ll try to find someone who can read them, who is trustworthy.

Die of Fate: 4, the scene setup does not change.

Scene Goal: Find the records showing that the Priesthood of Anubis hired the assassins to kill the immortal diplomat.

Returning to the main body of the city, I quickly find an alley in shadow and flip through the documents that I found. The signs on them make no sense to me, as I’ve never learned how to read. I glance around and slip them all back into my clothing and set off to find someone who could possibly read them.

This is a Circles test! I’ve got to find a scribe, since they are the ones who know how the read and write. Scribes are in the city setting, so I can circle someone up. It likely won’t be easy, though. Scribes are higher in the social strata per my Black River setting notes, so I’m adding +2 Ob to the base of 1. Because I’m looking for someone I can specifically trust to be quiet about this, I’ll add another +1 Ob. That’s a total of Ob 4. My Circles is B2. I’ll pull in my 1D affiliation with Ra’s Temple Guards as that will lend some legitimacy to what I’m asking.

I have no Persona points left to add in another die. I’m going to need to roll a 6 to open end to have a chance at this. If I fail, I’m going to invoke the Enmity Clause and have this person be cheerful at first, but reveal at some later time what Tekrinto had or that he’s actually a member of the same group of assassins who were hired to kill the diplomat.

Rolling B3 v. Ob 4: 1, 4, 6. Spending Fate. Rolled a 3. Failure! This scribe is named Kanitho. He’s a low level scribe working for the Nomearch and looking to increase his station.

I forgot to say after the assassination, but I got paid 1D of cash for the job.

I make my way around the city center, asking the contacts I know where I might find a scribe who can be trusted and discreet. After an hour or so, I get the name of one Kanitho, a young scribe working in the Nomarch’s office.

Entering the office of the Nomarch, I ask around and am directed to a small table in a back room. A young man, extremely slim of body with naturally dark skin, looks up at me. “Yes? May I help you?”

I move into the room and sit on the mat across the table from him, pulling out the papyri and setting it on the table. “My name is Tekrinto and I am a temple guard of Ra. In my duties, I’ve come across some records and I need you to read them. Tell me what they say.”

He stares at me, obviously tired and irritated by my request.

“Please? Can you help me?” I ask.

He blinks at me then smiles. “My time is valuable. I have much work to do, as you can see.” He waves his hand over the documents on his table. “I will do this for you, but you must compensate me for my time.”

Of course, I should have expected this. I nod. “I have a little money. If you find what I’m looking for, it’s yours.”

Resources test! I have only one die, my Cash die, to roll. He’s just doing one small job so I’ll set it at Ob 1. I gotta succeed on this. If I fail, he takes the money, reads through it and says there’s nothing like what I’m looking for there.

Roll B1 v. Ob 1: 6! Success! My Resources bumps up to B1! Fantastic.

I sit on the mat and watch Kanitho sort through and read the records that I gave him. I watch his face as he goes through it all. He is bored, surprised, fearful and perhaps a little frightened by what he read. Upon finishing, he pushes it all back across the table at me and leans back from the table.

“Where did you find these documents? No, no don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.” He takes a deep breath, then continues, “I have found what you are looking for. I know who hired the assassins to kill the diplomat.” He pauses. Just as I’m about to ask, he says, “The Priesthood of Anubis has worked with that guild of assassins many times, across many years. And the records are quite clear.” He pauses again, but only to take a breath. “The Priesthood of Anubis hired the assassins to kill the diplomat.”

He looks at me and gives me a strained smile. “And, with that, our business is concluded. Please take everything you brought and leave. I don’t want any of this to endanger me.”

After gathering everything I brought with me up and standing, I pause and look back at him before leaving his room. “You will keep quiet about this?”

He nods, “Of course. I don’t want those assassins knowing that I know what’s in those records.” He shudders and turns back to his work.

That feels like a good place to cut this “session”. Time for Artha awards!

I think I’ll earn a Fate for my first Belief, “The palace is the right place for the priesthood of Ra. I’ll do what I must to restore them.” Definitely worked towards that.

I’ll also take a Fate for being Impulsive. I’ll take a Persona for Moldbreaker since I think I had plenty of internal strife going on, and a Persona for completing my third Belief, “I am a slave in all but name. I will find my fortune and freedom”. Being a successful assassin has put me on that path and I think it’s time to make another Belief. I think that’ll do it for Artha. That’s a total of 2 Fate and 2 Persona.

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