Spark of Ra #9 – Ra’s Statue

Scene Setup: Arriving at Canrito’s house some time later to confront him. He heard about someone asking for him and has two guards.
Die of Fate: 1. Nothing odd happens.
Scene Goal: Leave Canrito’s house with the art piece.

A servant leads me through a garden inside the walls of Canrito’s home. Tall plants block my view of the large house I know we’re walking towards. The servant, a slight boy, tells me of the different plants and the places they come from. Quite a few are imported and all are well cared for.

I don’t care. It’s all I can do to keep from growling at him. “I have business to attend to with your master. Please, take me to him,” I say through gritted teeth.

He smiles and bows to me, never meeting my eyes. “Of course!” Turning, he motions to another flowering shrub and starts to tell me how his master came to receive it as a small seedling from from a trader who came South from across the Green Sea. I clench my fist in frustration.

It takes 15 minutes to get through the garden, but we finally do, entering Canrito’s large home. It is made from stone, carefully cut so each one fits perfectly to the next. It’s wonderful and speaks to how rich his work has made him.

“Please, wait for my master here. He will be with you shortly,” the young servant says, with another bow. He exits the room through a side door and just as quickly, two burly guards enter from another door, taking up positions to flank it. In less than a minute, a tall, lean man enters from that same door.

Some quick stats for these guys: Canrito Physical B3 Mental B5, Sculpting B6, Negotiating B4, Priest-wise B2. Guards B4.

“Ah!” He opens his arms with a smile as he sees me. “So, this is the temple guard who is so interested in me!” He gives me a half bow, dropping his gaze from mine. “Canrito, your humble servant. What can I do for you?”

I pause, my heart falling into my stomach. Of course he heard about me, after the scene I made with his ex-servant. I smile back at him.

“Greetings, Canrito. My name is Tekrinto and I am a temple guard of the Priesthood of Ra.” I bow back to him, lower than he bowed to me.

He smiles at me, saying nothing.

After a few moments hesitation, I continue, “My master Rakunapten has sent me to collect the piece you made for Ra’s Priesthood.”

“Of course! Of course!” He calls for a servant, this one an older man, and tells him to fetch the piece for Ra. “Tell me, Tekrinto, where is the Priesthood of Ra, these days?”

Responding, I tell him, “We are in a small compound outside the center of the city. It serves us, for now.” I’m not happy about the acomodations and I make that known in my tone of voice.

He nods and waits for the servant to return. The sculpture in the servant’s hands is exquisite, the form and detail of Ra’s image give the god majesty. I reach out for it but I am stopped by Canrito.

“No, no. Tell me, Tekrinto, does a piece such as this belong in a small compound?” he asks.

I pause. “It does if the Priesthood of Ra occupies the compound. They paid for the piece.” I don’t have the patience for this.

“Paid?” He scoffs. “This is the image of Ra, the most perfect of any I have seen, of any I have created. It deserves, no, it demands, to be placed in only the finest of places!” His voice raises as he speaks. “I cannot allow it to reside in the hovel your Priesthood occupies right now.”

I nod to him. “Of course, I suppose I can understand that.” I pause. “But, you did accept money for the creation of this piece, did you not?”

He nods. “Of course, that was when the Priesthood still occupied the Palace. I’m afraid the contract since Ra’s Priesthood has been… dethroned?” He smiles at me. If I am reading him right, he’s aching to make a deal.

I nod in return. “Of course. Of course. What if I were to tell you that we will be returning to the Palace very soon?” I take a step closer and lower my voice. “The Priesthood of Anubis has a slippery hold on power. They will be ousted…” I trail off, leaving him to create a timeframe in his own mind.

Ok, obviously a Falsehood test. I’ve got it at B3. The Ob is his Will exponent, 5. I’d like to make a Linked Priesthood-wise test to declare that the Priesthood of Anubis are not very good at maintaining a position of power. I think that’s Ob 1, doubled to 2. Rolling Perception B4: 1, 3, 6, 6. Fate to open-end: 3, 5. Exceeded the Ob, so I get +1D to my roll!
Rolling 4D v. Ob 5. I’ll spend a Persona point to add another die. 4, 5, 5, 6, 6! Nice. Success.

He stares at me for a few seconds, then a grin slowly grows on his hawkish face. “In that case, please, take the piece. And I hope that your master will call on me for more work in the very near future.” He gestures to his servant, who hands over the statue.

The stone is warm in my hands, and heavy. He heft it with a smile of my own. “Oh, you can count on it, Canrito.” I give him a small bow. “It was a pleasure.”

“All mine,” he says with a smile and another expansive opening of his arms. He returns my bow and exits the room.

I breathe a sigh of relief and then turn and walk back out the way I came.

Of course, I get lost in the garden and it takes me 10 minutes to find my way out to the street in front.

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