Spark of Ra #8 – Enemy Market

Scene Setup: I need to understand a little more about this artisan before I confront him. So, I’ll go to the market and ask around about him.
Die of Fate: 6! So some random event happens. GM’s Apprentice card gives me “Abjur, Intact, Servant”. I think Abjur might be mispelled… Abjure. I think a sober ex-servant of the artisan is going around trying to convince all the merchants to swear off his ex-master.
Scene Goal: Get some dirt on Canrito, the artisan, that I can use in my future negotiations with him.

The market is busy with the late crowd. Priests, merchants, farmers, anyone who is busy with work during the day comes to the market in the evening and early night.

Is it, though? Sounds like might need a Market-wise roll. Anything of interested on a failure? … No, not really. I’ll roll with it.

I look around, dejectedly. This is not what I was hoping to do tonight. I’ve made so much progress with the group. I know learning their art is going to help me take vengeance on those who ordered the hit against my family and the priesthood that is my charge. I’m excited to get back to it, but, for some reason, I can’t tell Rakunapten. Not yet. Maybe not ever. I don’t think he’d understand.

I sigh in frustration, shaking my head and returning to the here and now. I’ve got to get this over with and get back to my training. It’s important.

Stepping up to a stall, I start asking around for those who do business with Canrito. I need to find someone who knows him and knows him well so I can figure out what makes him tick. I’d really rather not have to take the… whatever it is, by force.

Definitely a Circles roll. Ob 1, +1 for lower social class. That looks like all the modifiers. Rolling my B2 Circles v. Ob 2. Roll: 1, 2. Failure! I’m invoking the Enmity Clause!

I ask around for about twenty minutes before a voice calls out over my shoulder, “You’re looking for information on Canrito?”

I turn around and nod to the person, a small woman wearing course, but well kept garments. “Yes, I am. Do you know him?” I ask.

She snorts. “Oh, yes, I do know him. He is trash! Utter trash.” Her eyes narrow as she glances at the blades on my belt. “What do you want with him?”

Shrugging, I respond, “My master has seen some of his work and wants to know more about him. He is considering contacting him for some work in the future.”

Apparently, this is the wrong thing to say, as she steps forward, her face going red with anger. “He should do no such thing!” she spits. “And you, surely you’ve heard his reputation, why would you not counsel your master against working with Canrito, that dog?!”

I spread my hands out in an attempt to calm her down, taking a half step back. I can feel the eyes of other merchants and market-goers watching us, giving us room for whatever might happen.

I need to calm her down. That sounds like a Soothing Platitudes roll, which I don’t have. Beginner’s Luck with my Will of B4. Her will is going to be a 3, +2 Ob for Enmity. But, I double the base Ob, so it’s Ob 6+2, Ob 8. Oy. Roll: 2, 3, 3, 5.

“Of course I’ve heard the rumors, but when you have a master as powerful as mine, you do as you’re told. I’m sure you can understand that.” I look her in the face, trying to look as kind and understanding as I can.

It fails. Greatly. With a roar, she throws herself at me, screaming at the top of her lungs, “I will never serve that man again! He is the lowest of the low, no matter his station!” Her fists flail, batting at my chest and the sides of my head. I raise my arms, trying to ward off her blows.

I am a soldier and she is a servant. I don’t feel the need to roll dice here, as I would beat her easily.

I grab her wrists and glance around. Everyone is looking at us and rumor of someone being attacked while asking about him is sure to reach Canrito. I have to hurry. I yank her arms and pull her to a dark corner cast by the fabric stretched over an empty booth.

Pulling her close, I stare into her eyes, even as she struggles against me. “Canrito was your master? Tell me about him! What are his weaknesses, how can I get to him? You’ll tell me, or I’ll take you back to him in chains!”

Going for Intimidation here. I don’t have it, so I BL it to Will B4. Her Will is the Ob, 3. I also have a double Ob penalty, so it’s Ob 6. I’ll spend a Persona to add 1D. 1, 1, 3, 4, 6. I’ll spend a Fate to open end the 6 for giggles. Rolls a 1.

She laughs in my face. “He wouldn’t take me back, even if you did!” Her knee slams into my groin and I grunt, letting go of her. She kicks dust onto my feet before turning and disappearing into the crowd. I glance up to find her, but only see passersby grinning at me and my predicament.

I cough and shake my head. “What a day.”

I need to name that servant and keep her as an enemy. She’ll come back to haunt me in the future. I’ll name her Osrina.

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