Spark of Ra #10 – Assassination

Scene Setup: After giving the piece to Rakunapten, I meet with the assassins and we have a mission! We are intercepting a caravan from the East and assassinating the leader of the caravan as elves don’t take kindly to Anubis and death.
Die of Fate: 1, nothing interrupts the scene.
Scene Goal: Kill the leader of the elven diplomatic group.

I look at the group of assassins as they explain to me the mission we have received. A caravan from the East. A diplomatic envoy from the Immortals, abominations to the Priesthood of Anubis and the god himself. The High Priest of Anubis wishes the negotiations between the God-Empress and the Immortals to fail. And we are to help that along by killing the leader of the envoy.

As the new guy, I don’t have much say in the planning of the hit, but it all looks like what I might have expected, if I knew what to expect at all. My training as a soldier applies in general strokes to this operation, but the details are all different to what I would have planned. Observing the caravan, identifying the target, getting close to them and terminating. Then escape with no one the wiser. Looks good on the sand table.

We leave and arrive at the ambush site in about two hours. I give the place a once over, looking for the best approaches to the road.

Going to make a Tactics test, which I don’t have, to identify the best approach. I want to make this a Linked test to get an advantage on the upcoming Stealth test. I’ll call it Ob 2, 4 since it’s doubled. I’ll be rolling Perception B4 for it. Roll: 3, 3, 3, 6. Well, that’s a failure. That’ll give me a +1 Ob to the Stealth test as I chose the wrong site.

All the members of the group find sites with good approaches and hunker down to wait for the caravan. It’s a long wait and my eyes get heavy from being up all day and this late into the night.

Make a Forte test to see if I fall asleep while waiting! Ob 3. I was busy today. Forte B5, failure means that I am awakened by yells from the caravan as one of the assassins is discovered before completing the mission. Roll: 3, 4, 4, 5, 6. Success!

Several hours pass by but I’m able to keep alert and my eyes on the road. Soon, we hear the quiet rumble of elven wheels rolling over the road and strange animals pulling them. The Immortals are here.

I slide out of my hiding spot, hugging the ground, trying to reach the wagon that’s supposed to have the envoy leader in it. The tall grass helps to hide me even as the full moon shines down on us.

Rolling Stealth B4 v. their Observation B3. I have a +1 Ob penalty and I’ll take an Advantage die for the tall grass. My roll: 1, 2, 4, 4, 5. Their roll: 1, 1, 5. I got three successes and they got 1 + the 1 Ob penalty. I succeed!

I reach the side of the wagon and carefully climb up the tailgate, rolling into the box without a sound.

I expect it to be pitch black inside here, but I think the elves might have some kind of magical light going. 50/50 odds? Roll: 60, so no light.

The inside of this covered wagon is pitch black. I blink my eyes, trying to focus and see something in the dark.

Perception B4 v. Ob 3 for the darkness. Failure means that the leader is awake and aware of me. Roll: 3, 3, 3, 5. Ouch.

A dark shadow leans forward from the wall of the wagon and grabs my wrist. “Who are you? Why have you come?” a musical voice asks.

I’m very surprised, so it’s time for a Steel test! B5, Hesitation is 5 as it’s reduced by one for Cool Headed. Roll: 2, 3, 3, 5, 5. No sixes so I’m Hesitating. I will Stand and Drool.

As I fumble for words, the grip on my wrist tightens and a lithe hand darts to my belt and removes my knife and holds it up. “I presume you were here to use this on me?” The voice sounds sad at that and with a flash, the blade of my own knife is at my throat. “Someone sent you, yes? I wonder who it could be.” There is a short pause and then the voice continues, “I suppose we’ll see when we arrive at your capital. Together.”

I can’t let that happen. Without a word, I jerk away, my hand trying to wrest my knife free of this Immortal’s hand.

My Brawling B3 v. their Speed B5. I’ll ForRK in my Knives and Stealthy to use my fighting knowledge and to catch them off guard. So 5v5. Failure means that I’m restrained and will arrive in the capital as their captive. My roll: 1, 2, 2, 2, 6. Spending a Fate to open end that 6. 4. Two successes. 1, 3, 3, 3, 5. Oh, thank the gods!

My hand darts out and grabs the thin wrist, twisting it around while my other hand punches out, hitting a nerve. The fingers spring open with a gasp of pain. My knife is back in my hand, the blade thirsty for the blood of this elf. I grab the front of their clothes, yanking them towards me as I thrust into them with my blade, trying to accomplish my mission.

Knives B3 v. their Speed B5. My intent is to kill. If I fail, they will cry out and I’ll have failed. FoRKing in Brawling and I’ll take an advantage die for my knife. My roll: 2, 4, 5, 5, 6. Fate to open end that 6, roll: 5. Five successes! Their roll: 2, 2, 3, 4, 6. Yes!

The blade bites deep into the Immortal’s throat and their words are choked off in a gurgle of blood. Thin fingers grasp at my upper arms and shoulders for a second or two, then nothing. Then, their thin hand pats my cheek before the fingers slip from my face and fall lightly to the padded floor of the wagon. I check for a pulse and find nothing.

I quietly slip out of the wagon and roll off the side of the road. The caravan continues on, the rumble dying slowly into the dawn.

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