Spark of Ra #6 – End of Session Artha

The end of the last scene felt like a great end for a “session”, so I’m going to look at awarding Artha. I’m also going to look at the way I setup the scenes and sessions and see if I can make it better since I felt a little aimless during this “session”. I know the Beliefs are supposed to help with that, but I think I need to plan a little more on the GM side of this.

Earning Artha. I’m just going through the section in the book starting on p. 63 to get my Artha awards. I’ve got three Beliefs: “The palace is the right place for the Priesthood of Ra. I’ll do what I must to restore them.” I’m not sure I manifested that one in a meaningful way. No Fate. Second: “My uncle is a foul man, I will see him fall before I’m done.” I channeled that when I got into a fight with him, so I’ll take a Fate for that. Third: “I am a slave in all but name. I will find my fortune and freedom.” Yeah, definitely worked on that one. Another Fate.

Instincts. “Always have my knife on me,” didn’t get me into trouble. “Never reveal the truth when a lie will do,” got me into trouble at the beginning. Fate. “If civilians are in danger in a fight, draw it away from them,” got me wounded. Fate.

Traits: I don’t think they changed the direction of the story. Humor, just me, I don’t remember laughing too hard at anything I did. Right Skill, Right Time: I don’t think I used anything in an off the wall way. Nope.

Persona, Embodiment. I’m gonna take it for brutally murdering that assassin to gain entry. Moldbreaker doesn’t seem like a fit. I didn’t accomplish any personal goals. Workhorse doesn’t seem to fit. MVP doesn’t seem to fit.

Deeds. Nope. I think that does it for Artha. I’m going into the next “session” with 5 Fate, 2 Persona & 0 Deeds.

Now for plans for next session. I’m going to keep the same Beliefs because Tekrinto is still working towards them. As a GM, I need to have someone concrete to push towards, even though it feels weird to know what I’m pushing towards, in an exact way, as the player.

So, the exact goal that I want to see worked towards, as the GM, is to drive out the Priesthood of Anubis from the Palace. That is the most pressing. I think that, knowing that, I can let the dice rolls guide it from here. At least, I hope so.

As far as changes being made, I think I’d like to add a goal to each scene. The scene setup generally has an implied goal, but I think it would help me keep on task if I put an explicit one, as well. It will help run the NPCs as well. I think that I like the stability rolling a Die of Fate gives when looking for random events, but I also dig the chance that things are going to go haywire. I’ll keep that.

And, that should do it! Ready to kick off my next session in the future.

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