Spark of Ra #5

Scene Setup: In order to push my third belief, “I am a slave in all but name. I will find my fortune and freedom,” they are expecting me and are impressed by my tenacity and resourcefulness. They’ll ask me to join them. For real.
Die of Fate: On a roll of 6, a random even happens to interrupt the scene. Roll: 1. No interruption.

The staircase is dark and the stench of it grows as I go deeper and deeper into the ground beneath the pleasure house. After a certain point, the walls start to weep water and the ground squelches under my feet. Being so close to the river makes this underground haven a very wet place.

Soon, the stairs end and a short hallway leads to a doorway covered with a curtain. I can see light shining through it from the other side. I pause to listen to the activity on the other side, but I hear nothing. That isn’t what I expected, so I quietly push one side of the curtain aside to peer in.

What I see is nothing like what I expected. The “haven” is sparsely decorated with rough wooden furniture. A large table to one side is covered with strips of papyrus. I take this all in quickly because several individuals stand in front of the door, facing it. Facing me.

One smiles and waves me in through the door. “Come in, come in. Don’t be shy.”

This is definitely a surprise. Let’s roll Steel to see how well I handle it. B5 is my roll and my Hesitation for Surprise is reduced by one. Ob 5. Roll: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. I hesitate for 2 rounds. Stand and Drool.

I stand there for a couple seconds, my mouth gaping like a landed fish. Getting control of myself, I throw my shoulders back and step through the curtain. Before I can say anything, the man who spoke before speaks again.

“You are rather resourceful, aren’t you, Tekrinto?” He chuckles. “First, you tail two of our number, then escape the temple and manage to stay hidden from us. The, I hear you punished some priests who decided to anger you!”

I blink in amazement, surprised that he knows even that much about me.

He continues, “I’m not sure why you’re here, exactly, but I’m willing to hear you out.”

He smiles expectantly.

Without missing a beat, I answer, “I’m here to exact revenge.” I pause. “My cousin was laid low by a blade borne by one of your number. I’m here to repay that debt.”

He nods reasonably at my words. “I see. That makes complete sense.” He inhales deeply, seemingly lost in thought for a few seconds before exhaling sharply and saying, “I have a better idea. Why don’t you join us? I like a man who is driven and takes risks. I already know you can handle a blade, so you’ve got the makings to become a great member of our ranks.”

Thinking about it, this is actually a great opportunity for my character. Looking at my Beliefs, joining a guild of assassins could actually help me accomplish all three. But, I can’t until I’ve gotten my revenge to show the priests of Anubis that they can’t mess with the Priesthood of Ra!

It’s my turn to nod back to him. “It would be a lie to say that I’m not interested. But, I can’t entertain any such offer before I take my revenge. The scales must be balanced!”

This could go to a Duel of Wits if he doesn’t want to give up the guy, or I could go straight to Fight if he makes the assassin fight me. It’s a big enough beat that I want to use one or the other. You know, for an assassin, Fight seems like the way to go! Needs numbers for the assassin: Stats B4, Knives B4, Brawling B3.

The leader smiles, a very predatory smile, and steps back, waving another member of the group forward with a finger stretched out to his side. “Manis, you’re up. Give him his revenge!”

Manis steps forward, a smallish man with thick arms and black leather cuffs around his wrists. He doesn’t say a word, just pulls out his knife and readies his stance.

I draw my knife and stand in front of him, ready to fight for my life.

We have weapons of the same length, so there’s no need to roll to engage. I have 4 actions, he has 4 actions. I’m going to script: V1: Avoid, Strike V2: Counterstrike V3: Block.
He is going to script: Strike: 9S, Avoid: 9H, Strike: 6D, Counterstrike.
First volley draw: 9S, so it’s a Avoid v. Strike.

He lunges at me with a wheeze and I try to dart out of the path of his knife.

He rolls Knives and I roll my Speed. His roll: 2, 2, 3, 6. My roll: 4, 4, 5, 6.

I dart to the side and roll under his thrusting arm, coming around slightly behind him. “You’ll have to do better than that!” I say to him.

We both have a second action this volley. His action card is: 6D, Counterstrike. I scripted a Strike. I’m rolling my Knives B3 with Brawling FoRK. Roll: 3, 3, 5, 6. He’ll separate his B4 Knives into 2 attack & 2 defense. Roll: a 4, 4, d 1, 1. We both got two successes with attack and no defense. That’ll hit and we’ll both spend the extra to bump it up to a Mark hit. My hit on him is a B6. His hit on me is a B5. That’s a Light wound for both of us.

That requires a Steel test for both of us. I roll B5 v. Ob 6. He rolls B4 v. Ob 6. My roll: 2, 2, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6. His roll: 2, 3, 3, 4, 6. He hesitates for 4 volleys. I hesitate for one action.

He whirls around, slashing across my thighs as he uses his other hand to try and block my knife hand away from him. I bring my knife up underneath his blocking hand and catch him in the armpit. Pain explodes across my thighs as his blade slices through my skin and into the muscle just as I feel the warm flow of blood from my strike under his arm. He lets loose a wheezing cry of pain as he drops his knife, falls to the ground and begins scooting away from me, his healthy arm stretched out towards me.

The pain whites out my vision as I stand, gasping for a moment. Once my eyes clear, my rage burns hot and I step forward, grabbing his hair and driving my knife into the side of his neck repeatedly as the coward cries out, in a garbled wheeze. After the fourth stab, he stops moving. After the sixth, I feel arms grab me from behind and the leader’s voice saying softly into my ear, “It’s over. You’ve got your revenge. Welcome to our guild!”

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