Black River – Kingdom Society

Life in the Kingdom is generally peaceful and calm. Each member performs their duties, which are determined by their social class, to edify the Kingdom as a whole. The People believe that their station in life is chosen by the God-Spirits and mobility between the classes is a rare thing.

The highest social class is that of the God-Empress and her family. The station held by the God-Empress, as ruler of the Kingdom, elevates her to godhood, but the rest of her family are completely mortal. Their proximity and blood relation to a god raises them above the masses.

Just below the God-Empress and her kin are the priests. Each God-Spirit has its own priesthood and priests are generally chosen from the families of the current priests. They owe their position in society to their constant communication with the God-Spirits and the power granted them to speak on behalf of them.

Below the priests are the scribes. They are really much more than simple scribes as they are charged by the God-Empress with the day to day operations that permit the Kingdom’s society to run. Scribes are educated from a young age to prepare for the position. As such, a child from any social class can become a scribe if their parents can afford to send them to school.

After the scribes come the soldiers. Soldiers in the Kingdom are professionals. Their days are filled with training, planning and the various operations put to them by the scribes, priests or the God-Empress herself. Training to become a soldier starts at a young age.

The artisans sit alongside the soldiers in the class hierarchy of the Kingdom. They are not craftspeople, but create for the beauty of creating. Their works of art can be found in the many temples dotting the land, the houses of rich merchants, soldiers and scribes and may even be found adorning the walls of the palace itself.

Then come the merchants. The merchants are the craftspeople and store managers that create the many goods the Kingdom needs to flourish and move the food and goods used throughout the land. Merchants are usually good with numbers but are not very literate, if at all.

Farmers occupy the second to last rung in the class hierarchy. Farming is a noble profession, one that commands respect from those above, but farmers are often dirty and uneducated. Because of this, most in the classes above view them as unintelligent and uncouth.

The lowest class is the slaves. They do a majority of the hard labor. All the beauties of the Kingdom, the buildings, palaces, temples and monuments, are constructed by slave labor. Slaves can be war captives, abandoned children or people from higher classes who have displeased a scribe, priest or the God-Empress and found themselves forced into servitude.

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