Spark of Ra #3

7-15-17 Session

Scene Setup: Retuning back to the compound of the Priests of Ra and I come upon my uncle, Rakunapten, being antagonized by some priests of Anubis.
Die of Fate: 2. No random event.

The long walk back to the compound housing the Priests of Ra is long and turns hot as Ra peeks over the horizon. The bright rays are in my eyes almost through the entirety of my journey.

Soon, I see the building that is my destination. Finally. I’m so very tired after the night’s events. As I finally relax, I hear a voice raised in anger. A familiar voice. My shoulders droop in disappointment. Of course, it had to be my uncle, out causing problems. Do I leave him to it and return to the compound or do I see what’s the matter and help him out? Decisions, decisions.

I opt for checking out the problem. I walk towards the sound of the yelling, ears open.

“Leave, now, or you will regret it!” I hear my uncle’s angry voice say, tight with… nervousness? My ears perk up. This could be interesting.

Course laughter responds to him and a voice says, “What? I would definitely regret it if I left now. We’re just getting started, Rakunapten.” I hear a blow and my uncle cries out in pain.

That sound makes me grin. I can’t help it. I’ve never cared for my all-powerful uncle very much. He’s such a horrible man. I peek around the corner to see what’s going on and the sight that meets my eyes makes me grin even more.

Three priests in dirty, dark robes circle my uncle, who is crouched down, his hands outstretched before him and above his head, as if he were blocking a punch. As I watch, another jumps forward, kicking out with a sandaled foot, catching Rakunapten in the side of the knee. He falls with a cry.

“Leave, or I promise Ra will strike you down!” He begins a chant, but another of the dark robed priests leaps forward, striking down at my uncle’s neck and the chant dies in a strangled gasp. His abusers all laugh and I find myself chuckling along with them.

A flash of light catches my eye as one of them draws a knife, brandishing it in plain view of my uncle. “Naughty boy! You know the gods don’t want to hear your filthy voice now! Maybe we’ll cut out your tongue so you can’t offend their ears with your whining!”

Before I realize it, I’ve stepped forward, my own knife in my hand. “Oh, this looks fun!” I say. “Can I join in?” Without waiting for an answer, I rush in, attacking he priest of Anubis wielding the knife.

Because this is hitting on one of my Beliefs, namely My uncle is a foul man. I will see him fall before I’m done, I think I’m going to make this a full fledged Fight. My instinct of drawing fights away from civilians is in play, as well. That’s the only reason I’m protecting Rakunapten.

We’ve both got the same length of weapon, so there’s no need to test for positioning. We’ll go straight into scripting. I have 4 actions. I’m going to script V1: Strike, Strike; V2: Block; V3: Strike. The enemy is a typical priest, Stats at B4, Skills at B3, Faith at B3. So, he’s got 4 actions as well. Strike is 2 of spades, Avoid is 9 of hearts, Pray/Strike is 6 of diamonds, Block is 9 of spades.

Flipping over his first action: 2 of spades = Strike. My first action is also a Strike. So, we’re both rolling v. Ob 1.

I rush in and, just before I get to him, I roll on the ground, grabbing a handful of dust and throwing it up in his eyes before I barrel into him, thrusting with my knife into his torso.

B3 Knives FoRKing in Brawling for +1D. Rolled 3, 4, 6, 6.

He coughs, swiping at his eyes and he tries to go low, underneath the cloud of dust and slashes out at my legs.

B3 Knives. 1, 5, 6.

We both strike each other. Now to figure out damage. For my strike, one success meets the Obstacle, so I’ve got two more. I’m going to spend both of adding to the damage, so I get a Superb strike. My Power is B5, +1 from the knife, + half that for Superb. B9 wound given to him. Since his Mortal Wound is B10, this is going to be a Traumatic for him.

His Power is B4, +1 for the knife. He has one success and he’ll spend it to add to the damage, giving him a Midi strike. So he does a B5 wound to me. That’s a Light wound for me!

Gotta make Steel tests. My Steel is B5, -1D for wound penalty, v. Hesitation of 6. Rolled 1, 1, 4, 6. Rolled another for the 6 and it rolled another 1. I hesitate for 4 actions. I choose to stand and drool.

His knife slashes across my leg and the pain catches me off guard. I grunt in pain, slapping my free hand over the wound as I gasp and shudder with the pain.

This guy’s Steel is going to be B3, -4D for his wound penalties. He hesitates for 6 rounds. He runs screaming.

The priest I attacked screams as my knife slashes deep across his torso. I think I see some of his insides peeking out. He drops his knife and takes off running, his cries fading quickly as he puts distance between us.

Do his two buddies stick around? I think the odds are Bad. GM’s Apprentice card says: No.

The other two priests look between me and my uncle, surprise written clearly across their ash streaked faces. They glance at each other and seem to come to an unspoken agreement and shuffle out of the alley we are in.

I collapse to a knee, gasping for air, my hand still clutching the slash I received. My uncle slowly stands up and approaches. “Are you all right? Thank you for your assistance, but I had the matter well in hand.”

I chuckle at his bravado. “Of course you did.” I slip my knife back into my belt and reach up. “Give me a hand. Let’s get out of here before they decide to come back.” He pulls and I hop up onto my good leg. Removing my hand from the wound, I see a cut with just a slight amount of blood seeping from the wound. Experimentally, I put some weight on that leg. The muscle aches, but I can walk. I look up at my uncle, “I’m good. Let’s go.” We leave the alley to soak up the blood the priest left behind.

We slowly make our way to our compound, a tense silence between us. When we arrive, he calls for water and bandages. When they arrive, I slowly pour water over the wound, washing out the dirt and blood, massaging it to make sure all the dirt gets out. Then I wrap it with a bandage.

Making the Health test to heal v. Ob 2. Rolling B5: 1, 1, 2, 2, 6. I’ll take the failure. Pain will fade after 19 hours.

I sigh in pain, shaking my head. “Bring me food, please,” I say to one of the attendants who brought the water and bandages. “I need food and rest.” He nods and quickly walks out of the room.

I turn my gaze to my uncle, who watches me warily from the corner of the room. I watch him back for several seconds before I inhale sharply and ask, “So, why were they attacking you?”

He snorts, and turns to look outside the window. “They are of Anubis. I am of Ra. What other reason do they need?”

I nod. “Of course. They might not need another reason, but knowing you, uncle, I’m sure you gave them another reason.” I pause, waiting for him to look at me. He doesn’t. “So, tell me what you did?”

His lips tighten and his eyes narrow and he does turn to meet my gaze. “What I may or may not have done is no concern of yours. I am a priest of Ra. You are but a temple soldier.” He spits out the last, as if it leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

I chuckle. “Your contempt for my station in life is nothing new, uncle. However, you will need my protection in the future. If you want it freely given, perhaps you should answer my question.”

Going to be rolling Intimidation. I don’t actually have the skill, so I’m rolling Will with Beginner’s Luck. His Will is B5, doubled, that Ob 10. Yeah, no chance here. I roll B4: 3, 3, 4, 5. Two successes.

His eyes glitter like a polished stone knife and the corners of his mouth turn up but I can tell he’s not really smiling. “Don’t you ever threaten me, my dear nephew Tekrinto. Your station in life is at your own choosing. You are below me in our society and as such, any threats leveled against me could land you in prison, or worse, an execution.” He steps forward, leaning towards me. “Do. Not. Ever. Threaten. Me. Again!”

It’s my turn to look out the window and he leaves the room.

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