Spark of Ra #2

6-25-17 Session

Scene Setup: I’m taken to a dark chamber in a building to meet with a mid-level priest to decide what to do with me.
DIe of Fate: On a 6, a random even happens. The roll is a 6. Random event is: Halt, Eternal, Underling. A priest gets struck down?

I am blindfolded. They bring me into a building. I can tell because the humidity is higher and it’s cooler. Slightly. Also, torch smoke is heavy in the air. After stopping, they remove my blindfold and I see one of Anubis’s priests before me, skin streaked black with soot, loincloth hanging heavy with liquid. He shrugs to the assassins who bring me in. They tell him they caught me following them and I bear the sign of Ra. He smiles. Of course, I want revenge, yes? He calls on the power of Anubis to strike me down, but the dark cloud that begins to coalesce in his hand flashes and slams into his chest, burning a dark hole into it. He falls to the ground in silence.

This is my chance for escape. Turning, I punch one of the assassins in the throat, trying to disable him for a few moments.

That’s a Brawling attack. I’m rolling B3 v. his Speed of B4. I’m going to take an Advantage die because his priest just got taken out before his eyes. I’ll FoRK in Stealthy, as well, since I can make the move suddenly without him expecting it. Rolling 5 dice v. his 4 dice: 2 v. 2. He’s the defender so he wins.

He sees my strike at the last moment and ducks under it. I turn and run, trying to get out of what I presume is a temple.

Does the assassin give chase? Odds are good: YES!

As I flee, the assassin turns to give chase, yelling for other temple guards to come to his aid in catching me.

Going to roll my Speed v. the assassin’s Speed, but he gets an Advantage die because he has help. My B4 Speed: 2, his B5 roll: 2. It’s a tie so we’re deadlocked.

The chase goes out onto the streets of the city. It’s even later than before so there is hardly anyone out. The assassin and a couple temple guards are hot on my heels, chasing me down the street. I dart into a dark alley to lose them, leaping over a merchant’s wall, running across a stockyard.

Rolling Streetwise to use my better knowledge of the city streets to lose them in the chase. I’m going to roll v. their Observation. I’m rolling B2 v. their B3. If I fail, I’m fall into a pit behind the merchant yard. I’ll FoRK Stealthy. Rolls: 2 v. 1. Success!

I dive over the fence on the other side of the stockyard and then dart into a dark doorway and watch as the assassin and the guards look around for me, finally running down another alley. I’ve escaped.

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