Spark of Ra #1

It’s no secret that tabletop RPGs are a big part of my life. If you want my Twitter or have listened to the show, I’m sure you know that I occasionally play solo games for fun. Spark of Ra is a Burning Wheel game set in a fantastic version of Ancient Egypt.

Session 6-14-17

Brand new character, Tekrinto, a scout who is cousin to Cumatuken, who is currently in a coma after being attacked and poisoned by assassins from the Priesthood of Anubis.

Scene Setup: Armed with descriptions of the assassins, Tekrinto is looking for them in the area of the palace.
Die of Fate: On a 6, the scene is interrupted by a random event. 4, so things start as planned.

The dark air is humid and the sounds of the insects and the river at night cling to me, running down my skin in small rivulets. I creep outside the palace, far enough for the guards to ignore me, if they even see me, yet close enough to see those going in and out.

It’s been three weeks since my cousin and uncle were attacked in chambers that were provided for them after the Priesthood of Ra was ejected from the palace. The assassins attacked in the dark of the night and gravely wounded my cousin. Even now, he lies in a coma and I’m not sure if he’ll ever awaken. The wound, while minor, must have been coated in some kind of poison. He was found convulsing and foaming at the mouth a slight distance away from his chambers.

I crouch a little lower in the reeds that border the river, keeping my eyes in line with the top of the stalks, watching the back doors of the palace, waiting for one of the assassins that attacked Ra’s Priesthood. Neither was apprehended, but everyone knows they are of Anubis’s priesthood.

Nothing really interesting is going to happen if I fail to spot the assassins, so I’m not even going to roll.

As the time passes, I get tired, watching and waiting in the dark. I almost miss the two people who skulk out of the back door, cloaks drawn down over their faces. I can’t see their faces, but those cloaks sure match the description of the assassins. I slowly make my way out of the reeds and onto the streets to follow them.

Intent is to follow them to wherever they are going. Task is an Inconspicuous roll. I don’t actually have that skill, so I’m going to be rolling Beginner’s Luck. That’s rooted in my Will, so I’m rolling 4 dice. Their Observation will be B3. Ob is 6 with the double Ob penalty. On a failure, they’ll notice me and draw me to a crowded area to confront me.
Roll: 4, 4, 5, 6. Is it worth a Fate? Probably not. Fail.

I walk through the crowds, keeping them in my line of sight. Suddenly, I realize that I can’t see both of them and then I feel the knife in my back.

“Don’t move,” a voice whispers in my ear. I freeze as the other figure, the one I could still see, turns and comes back to me.

A few people walk around in the dim torch and lantern light on the street and ignore me and the two assassins around me.

“Why are you following us?” The figure behind me whispers as the one in front flashes their knife.

“Following you?” I ask. “Well, I saw you come out of the back of the palace and was hoping that I could find a way to go back in with you. You see, one of the servant girls… well, I find her very interesting and wanted to pay her a visit.”

Of course, I’m lying. Intent is to get them a little friendlier to me. Task is a Falsehood test. I’m at B3 and their Will is B4. I’ll take an Advantage die because this is totally believable. Failure means they’ll take me captive.
**Roll: 1, 1, 5, 6. Fail.

The knife digs deeper as the one behind me growls. “You’re lying. And you’re coming with us.”

He grabs my arm and yanks, pulling me onto a side street, his knife still pricking he skin of my back.

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