Episode 149 – Man on Fire / Vengeance

A dragon slayer that plays with barbies and a gun that turns vampires into barbies. Apparently, we had barbie on the brain… WTF?!

I apologize for the changes in volume throughout the show. I was experimenting with a setting on the microphone…

NEW FTPH! Remember, post a sentence or two to complete this hook in the forum thread for this episode. We will pick a winner after the 23rd. “The summer breeze carries the stench of the smog and rotted gutter trash in the city. It’s late, but the crowds still shuffle past each other on the sidewalks. As you pass an alley you hear…”

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Man On Fire
Great White: Vengeance (starts @ 39:42)

Show Links

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Episode 150 Questions Thread
Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition
Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide
Deck Z
Episode Discussion Thread

Fantastic Four comic book bottle-cap character tokens.

Comic book bottle-cap character tokens

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