Episode 44 & New FTPH

It’s Friday (an incredibly busy one, for me) and it’s that time of week again. More Shark Bone! All you Shark Boners, enjoy this one. I also introduced a new Finish This Plot Hook contest. It starts like this:

“Your ship has wrecked at sea. You’ve been floating amongst the driftwood for what seems like a week, but it can’t have been more than 24 hours. As you lay on a makeshift raft, something bumps it from below. Cautiously, you roll over and…”

Add the ending. Make it something cool and interesting and open-ended, something that a group of PCs would want to investigate. Jarvis and I will read over them and announce two winners, who will each get a copy of Infinite Macabre or Bleeding Edge, the two new Mirrors shards for the new World of Darkness! This contest will end February 19th, 2011 at 1159pm.

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Count of Monte Cristo
Great White: Otherkind Dice

Show Links

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Infinite Macabre
Bleeding Edge
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4 Responses to Episode 44 & New FTPH

  1. Very very happy with the new site setup guys.

  2. Scott Dunphy says:

    …see the hull of U-Boat sunk in shallow water. The hatch is above water…and open…

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