Episode 20 & New FTPH Contest

Our “Finish This Plot Hook” contest is over, and we have three winners! Everyone wins with Shark Bone! This time, at least. Congratulations to (in order of place): Kyle Neese, Anthony Gillette, Greg Christopher. Email us using the email link to the side to claim your prize.

A new “Finish This Plot Hook” contest has begun! So, here it is: “You’re using an ATM and get your cash and card. Just as you are about to turn away, the screen goes blank and…” Submit your entries as a comment to this post or via email using the link to the left.

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Spiderwick Chronicles
Great White: Forbidden Lore

Show Links

Shark Bone Facebook Page
This Just In… From GenCon!
World of Darkness – Mirrors

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