Episode 4

This episode is now on YouTube!

There’s no better way to start the weekend than another episode of Shark Bone!

Show Synopsis:

GM Garden:  Paycheck
Grease Monkey:  Experience, Revisited

Show Links:

Mouse Guard
Dogs in the Vineyard
Call of Cthulu

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3 Responses to Episode 4

  1. Seth says:

    I think you missing the point of Fallout in Dogs. It is the same sort of advancement mechanic as DnD, there is just a lot more flavor than most games. The concept is that you get punched in the face and gain xp. Functions the say way in both games.

    • Devon says:

      But you don’t get XP for getting punched in the face in D&D. You get XP for punching OTHER things in the face.

      While I’m saying this, I fully realize we might have said something else on the episode. This was a long time ago…

  2. Seth says:

    It is all a matter of interpretation. Conceptually I find them to have the same logic.

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