I love using technology to facilitate my gaming. Whether it’s the City of Brass suite of world-building/story planning/character building tools or a simple online reference, I’m always searching for some technology to play around with to enhance my enjoyment of at the game table. Following are some of the tools I’ve built or enjoy:

World of Darkness Dice Roller – This is a tool I built with Javascript to allow me to digitally roll a dice pool for the various World of Darkness games. It is useful for Classic WoD, nWoD and the new Chronicles of Darkness. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know.

CP Dice Roller – This is another dice rolling page I made for the Cortex Plus Game System by Margaret Weis Productions. It can be used for all Cortex Plus games. It allows you to form a dice pool of different die sizes and then rolls them all and organizes them in order of the largest roll to the smallest, while displaying the size of the die that rolled that number. It also shows you what your result would be if you include one die all the way up to the entire dice pool. It does not include dice that rolled a ‘1’ in the results.

The Feature Generator – Built for the Dramatic Roleplaying flavor of Cortex Plus, this tool randomly generates a complete NPC, called a Feature, for play in the game. Because of the Fan License, I can’t add in the Assets from the Smallville RPG, so more general qualities were used. This is a great tool to quickly make Features for Dramatic Roleplaying.

Mythic Tools – I made this page to automate the rolling while using the Mythic Game Master Emulator. I changed the values on the Fate Chart as it doesn’t have any kind of pattern that I could find. If you use it, be aware of that.