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Sandbox Episode 24 – Orbital Platform

For this episode, I was joined by Chris from the Redemption Podcast, a wonderful Star Wars actual play podcast. Please, enjoy this episode and check out his show!

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Sandbox Episode 10 – Orbital Platform Delta 4

If there is a better way to start a new month off than with a new episode of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox, I don’t know it. For this episode, Christopher and myself were joined by the always awesome Caleb … Continue reading

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Episode 76

The GM’s Reef topic was a challenge put before us by the guys from the Yellow Menace podcast. Thanks guys. I think we rocked it. GM’s Reef: Sandra Lee Kwanza Cake Great White: Conditions Show Links Maschine Zeit Yellow Menace … Continue reading

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Maschine Zeit – A Review

So, I just finished reading this game. It took me all of two days. Most of the book is setting information, which is very cool. The setting, as presented, is full of detail and past events that color the game … Continue reading

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