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Black River – Kingdom Society

Life in the Kingdom is generally peaceful and calm. Each member performs their duties, which are determined by their social class, to edify the Kingdom as a whole. The People believe that their station in life is chosen by the … Continue reading

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Black River – A Primer

The mountains to the South birthed the Black River. The rains fell on their smooth faces and rushed down in a mighty torrent, splashing down through the valleys and cuts, flowing towards the Green Sea. As the river traveled, it … Continue reading

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Poisoned Whispers Episode 1 – The Basics

Our return is overdue, but well worth the wait! While the the break may have seen hard and busy times for Christopher and I, we’ve pulled together and created something amazing: Poisoned Whispers, a podcast focusing on the wonderful game, … Continue reading

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Pod Chatter Episode 11 – Licensed IPs

Welcome to the new year! Christopher and I had a blast recording this episode live via Google Hangouts. What? You didn’t know we recorded Pod Chatters live? Well, we certainly do, and we want you to join us on the … Continue reading

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CHUM15 – Emergence RPG Kickstarter

I was all by myself on this one, but I wanted to talk to this crew and get this one out for your auditory indulgence as quickly as I possibly could. This game looks great. Big thanks to Tony, Faon … Continue reading

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