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Pod Chatter Episode 21 – Mixing Scifi & Fantasy

This episode is full of fantastic ideas. If you like science fiction and fantasy and want to combine elements to create your world for fiction or gaming, give this episode a listen. Christopher comes at it from the angle of … Continue reading

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Sand Castle Episode 3 – Orbital Platform – Derelict Ship

It’s time for another one of our wonderful Sand Castle episodes. I’m having so much fun with these ones! I hope you find them useful. In Sand Castle, we take a story seed set in one of the districts in … Continue reading

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Pod Chatter Episode 7 – Stargate!

It’s here! Finally, our long-awaited episode on Stargate is ready for your enjoyment. In this episode, Christopher and I talk about our favorite parts of the Stargate franchise. We touch on some ideas from the Stargate shows that we think … Continue reading

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Sandbox Episode 10 – Orbital Platform Delta 4

If there is a better way to start a new month off than with a new episode of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox, I don’t know it. For this episode, Christopher and myself were joined by the always awesome Caleb … Continue reading

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Entropic Gaming System RPG

If you’re curious about the Entropic Gaming System RPG that was mentioned on the Sandbox show, I’ve got your information here. Here’s a look at the cover, and below you can read the press release from Mystical Throne Entertainment. After … Continue reading

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Episode 189 – Men in Black III / Circles

This is the first episode of Shark Bone for this New Year! I hope everyone is ready to kick some ass this year. Take something and make it better for yourself. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Men in Black III Great … Continue reading

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Episode 181 – Enemy Mine / Working with the Enemy

This is another episode recorded over Google Hangouts. In this episode, we pulled some really cool ideas from the movie and came up with some awesome complications from working with the enemy. I hope everyone gets something worthwhile out of … Continue reading

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Episode 174 – The Adjustment Bureau / Relationships

Oooh! It’s Friday the 13th! AND… we don’t have a horror themed episode for you. Sorry. We DO have a great episode, however. So, enjoy it! I didn’t have time to go through and edit the content as I normally … Continue reading

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Episode 163 – Prometheus / Instincts

We had a bug visitor during this episode. I managed to lessen the noise the cricket was making and I hope it doesn’t make this episode unbearable for you. Enjoy! Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Prometheus Great White: Instincts (starts @34:13) … Continue reading

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Episode 131 – Serenity / How to Make a Dungeon

NEW FTPH! I can feel your excitement! Make sure to submit your entries in the episode discussion thread, linked below. “You’ve won. You fought your way past the mummified king that was guarding the final level of this massive dungeon. … Continue reading

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