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Sandbox Episode 24 – Orbital Platform

For this episode, I was joined by Chris from the Redemption Podcast, a wonderful Star Wars actual play podcast. Please, enjoy this episode and check out his show!

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Episode 189 – Men in Black III / Circles

This is the first episode of Shark Bone for this New Year! I hope everyone is ready to kick some ass this year. Take something and make it better for yourself. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Men in Black III Great … Continue reading

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Episode 181 – Enemy Mine / Working with the Enemy

This is another episode recorded over Google Hangouts. In this episode, we pulled some really cool ideas from the movie and came up with some awesome complications from working with the enemy. I hope everyone gets something worthwhile out of … Continue reading

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Episode 176 – Honey, I Shrunk the Kids / Cyberpunk

It’s been a wonderful week and I’m excited for this episode! I hope you enjoy it. The discussion was fun and I think we came up with some interesting ideas, with a little help from our listeners. Show Synopsis GM’s … Continue reading

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Episode 143 – Back to the Future / Mad Science

WOO! Yes, new Shark Bone for you. The waters have been chummed. Commence the feeding frenzy! Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Back to the Future Great White: Mad Science (starts @ 29:38) Show Links Kwanza Cake Episode Make a Scene Genius: … Continue reading

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Episode 77

I edited this last night at 9pm. That is all. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: They Live Great White: Relationship Wheel (starts: 42:13) Show Links NeonCon Urth Kickstarter Amaranthine Show Discussion Thread

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Episode 55

Here’s the latest installment of the Shark Bone podcast. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Wanted Great White: PvP & Character Death Stellar Wind review, pt. 2 Show Links Stellar Wind Raising the Stakes

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