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The State & Future of The ‘Bone

It has been close to nine months since I stopped making regular podcast content. I don’t regret stopping. I do regret tying so much of my own self-worth and identity into the podcast that I created. It’s been an interesting … Continue reading

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Sandbox Episode 0 – Teaser

Teaser episode for the Sandbox, a new world building show coming to you from the Shark Bone Podcast! Hopefully, this will get you guys excited for episode 1, that will feature Underworld, the fantasy district of the Sandbox.

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Episode 200 – Favorite Topics / Q&A

With mixed emotions I send this out to you. This project has been amazing. I have learned so much and grown into a better person. It gave me the courage to create things that I never would have otherwise. It … Continue reading

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Episode 45

It’s the end of another work week, and that means we celebrate with Shark Bone! And cake. You can’t celebrate without cake. Send me a piece, will you? Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Bubba Ho-tep Great White: GM Screens Show Links … Continue reading

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Episode 1

This episode is now on YouTube! Shark Bone, a new roleplaying games podcast in Las Vegas, has just arrived! This is Jarvis’ and my first podcast, ever, so there are some issues with the sound in this episode. Fear not, … Continue reading

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