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Pod Chatter Episode 15 – Religions in Gaming

Whether you’ve ever thought deeply about using religion in your tabletop roleplaying game or not, there’s something in this episode you’ll enjoy. We talk about gods, we talk about religions and we talk about rituals and prayers. Religion can be … Continue reading

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Pod Chatter Episode 5 – Learning New Games

We all like to experience new games. It’s so much fun to learn a new setting and new mechanics! In this episode, Christopher, Senda and I chat about how we go about learning new games. We discuss the steps we … Continue reading

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CHUM 23 – Little Wizards

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege of sitting down and speaking with Amanda Valentine about the new game Little Wizards. This game sounds like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try it out with my own boy. … Continue reading

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Episode 150 – Celebration Q&A

Sharon joins us to ask the questions that bring out lots of interesting thoughts and opinions. Like, our favorite US Presidents, waiting on Kickstarter rewards and Devon’s temper. Enjoy this Q&A! Show Links Dresden Files #14, Cold Days Darth Bane … Continue reading

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Plans for Episode 51

If you are a fan of the show on Facebook, you’ve doubtless seen the Discussions on future episodes, asking for your input before we record. Well, I’m changing up the plan for episode 51. The movie Moon and the Plot … Continue reading

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CHUM09 – Adding Color to Your RPGs

This is an idea I had several weeks ago and found today, while I was cleaning out my digital voice recorder. I decided to turn it into an article and post it as a CHUM episode. It’s roughly 5 minutes … Continue reading

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