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CHUM 30 – Goblin Hunters

This weekend, I had the pleasure to sit across from a digital table with Ray Williams and chat about his newest card game, Goblin Hunters. The game plays really quickly and sounds like a lot of fun. You can back … Continue reading

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Sandbox Episode 11 – The Pit

Prepare yourselves for a show filled with lots of laughs and silliness. Michael from the RPG Academy came aboard and helped make this a fun-filled and inspirational episode. Enjoy. EDIT: I’ve been notified that I made a mistake at the … Continue reading

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Entropic Gaming System RPG

If you’re curious about the Entropic Gaming System RPG that was mentioned on the Sandbox show, I’ve got your information here. Here’s a look at the cover, and below you can read the press release from Mystical Throne Entertainment. After … Continue reading

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Episode 196 – Comedy / Taking Games Less Seriously

You’re weekly dose of Shark Bone is ready for consumption. Enjoy responsibly. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Comedy Great White: Taking Games Less Seriously

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Episode 195 – Exploration / World Building

Another Friday has come and gone, bringing with it one of the last few episodes of Shark Bone! Enjoy this one, guys. We all felt really good after recording this one. It’s full of great ideas. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: … Continue reading

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Episode 190 – Military SciFi / Battle Scars

This is the first of a few Reverse Shark Bone episodes that we’re doing. Give it a listen, I think you’ll like it. We’re counting down to our final episode, number 200! There is a thread over on the forum … Continue reading

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Episode 188 – The Punisher / Extra Effort

I hope everyone had a good and safe holiday celebration, whatever holiday you celebrated. Me, I celebrated Giftmas. I gave my son a Wii U and his reaction made it all worth it. Enjoy this episode! Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: … Continue reading

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Episode 182 – A Murder of Crows / Player Entrapment

This has been a very full week for me. A good week, but a full week. So full, in fact, that I forgot I DID have an announcement! So, stay tuned after the show is over to get a reminder … Continue reading

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Episode 179 – Wreck-It Ralph / Character Classes

This is your weekly dose of Shark Bone. Please insert it directly into your brain. I feel like I should get a pair of pictures showing your brain, and your brain on Shark Bone. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Wreck-It Ralph … Continue reading

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CHUM 26 – Tianxia Interview with Jack Norris

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jack Norris about an upcoming game, and current Kickstarter project, called Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade. I really enjoyed talking with him and there was quite a bit of discussion … Continue reading

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