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Episode 94

I remembered to publish this week’s episode on time! Yeah for me. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Jaws Great White: Penalties as Dice (starts @ 49:18) Show Links Dead of Night Gamer’s Table Victoriana AP Technoir Victoriana PsiRun Episode Discussion Thread … Continue reading

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Episode 78

This week certainly flew by for me. It’s already Friday, again! Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Three Amigos Great White: One Roll Engine (starts: 35:01) Show Links NeonCon ORE Toolkit Show Discussion Thread

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Episode 51

On March 20th, 2011, Shark Bone turned 1 year old! This episode was recorded on that date and is a special celebration. Beer was drunk, stories were told and we took a look at some of our favorite topics from … Continue reading

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