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Episode 196 – Comedy / Taking Games Less Seriously

You’re weekly dose of Shark Bone is ready for consumption. Enjoy responsibly. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Comedy Great White: Taking Games Less Seriously

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Episode 133 – Tucker & Dale v. Evil / Traps

Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Great White: Traps (starts @ 37:43) Show Links Episode Discussion Thread Emergence Home Alone

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Episode 95

I can’t believe this week is already almost over! I guess that’s a good thing, because now you get some more kick-ass Shark Bone-age, in your FACE! Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Galaxy Quest Great White: Using Satire in Games (starts … Continue reading

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Episode 79

Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Lo Great White: Playing Yourself (starts @ 38:54) Show Links NeonCon Episode Discussion Thread

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Episode 78

This week certainly flew by for me. It’s already Friday, again! Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Three Amigos Great White: One Roll Engine (starts: 35:01) Show Links NeonCon ORE Toolkit Show Discussion Thread

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Episode 58

I’ve been watching Farscape all week. What have you been doing? Whatever it is, make some time for the newest episode of Shark Bone! Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Blue Streak Great White: Spells per Day Show Links Mage: the Awakening … Continue reading

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