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Episode 331 – Alien Gifts #1

As an experiment, I ran a solo session of the Cypher System RPG tonight and recorded it as an actual play podcast. I had fun doing it, though I feel a little self conscious about it. I’ve never done anything … Continue reading

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Sandbox Episode 31 – Orbital Platform Delta 4

Join myself and Christopher (Yes! He’s back on the mics!) as we travel to the dark of outer space and get lost in a dangerous stealth cloud! In this episode, we visit Orbital Platform Delta 4, the science fiction and … Continue reading

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Pod Chatter Episode 7 – Stargate!

It’s here! Finally, our long-awaited episode on Stargate is ready for your enjoyment. In this episode, Christopher and I talk about our favorite parts of the Stargate franchise. We touch on some ideas from the Stargate shows that we think … Continue reading

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Episode 189 – Men in Black III / Circles

This is the first episode of Shark Bone for this New Year! I hope everyone is ready to kick some ass this year. Take something and make it better for yourself. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Men in Black III Great … Continue reading

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Episode 163 – Prometheus / Instincts

We had a bug visitor during this episode. I managed to lessen the noise the cricket was making and I hope it doesn’t make this episode unbearable for you. Enjoy! Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Prometheus Great White: Instincts (starts @34:13) … Continue reading

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Episode 148 – Iron Sky / Invasions

It’s a wonderful day in this shiver of sharks, a beautiful day for a shark boner. Beautiful because we got an awesome new episode full of Nazis, aliens, snakeheads and other awesome. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Iron Sky Great White: … Continue reading

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Episode 142 – The Abyss / Underwater Adventures

As promised, my two unmentioned discussion points are on the discussion thread over at RPGCrosstalk. Please, go forth and discuss. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: The Abyss Great White: Underwater Adventures (starts @ 31:56) Show Links Episode Discussion Thread Seafarer’s Handbook

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Episode 127 – Predator / Superior Opponents

Woo! New episode. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Predator Great White: Superior Opponents (starts @ 28:00 ) Show Links  Episode Discussion Thread Threshold: Tragic Superheroes

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Episode 115 – Close Encounters / Character Age

…. I’m way too tired to think of anything witty. Or even mildly funny. And, I’ll get the poll up as soon as I get it from Aakin. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Close Encounters of the Third Kind Great White: … Continue reading

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Episode 80

This episode was a lot of fun to record and just as much fun to edit! Enjoy! Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Transformers: Dark of the Moon Great White: Romance (starts @ 36:25) Show Links NeonCon Breaking the Ice Pendragon Episode … Continue reading

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