Poisoned Whispers Episode 1 – The Basics

Our return is overdue, but well worth the wait! While the the break may have seen hard and busy times for Christopher and I, we’ve pulled together and created something amazing: Poisoned Whispers, a podcast focusing on the wonderful game, Shadows of the Demon Lord. In this episode, Christopher and I talk about the basics of the setting in our Fast Turn and touch on the basics of the game mechanics in the Slow Turn. We are both major fans of this game and I think it shows in this episode. Please, enjoy it. Share it with your friends. And, by all the dark and profane gods, play the game!

Episode Links

AcadeCon Kickstarter
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fast Turn/Slow Turn Blog Post
A Measure of Faith
Wrecking Ball Surprise

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Sand Castle Episode 7 – Sky City – Power Swap

The end of our third season has arrived and we leave you with this episode to enjoy while we step back, rest, plan and run our APs for next season.

In this episode, Christopher and I create an adventure for Sky City in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world. In this episode, superheroes are getting their powers swapped with other powers by some unknown interference! What will they do? How will they protect the city when they can’t even use their powers?

We do hope that you enjoy this episode and that it inspires plenty of fun times around your table. We’ll be back in a couple of months!

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Pod Chatter Episode 23 – Houserules

We’ve got another Pod Chatter episode for you this week. In episode 23, Christopher and I discuss houserules! We all know what those are, those pesky things the GM keeps making up to gimp our characters into losing. Am I right?!

Enjoy this episode, one of the last for season 3 of the podcast. I’m getting very excited for the break and I’m starting to get some story ideas for the AP for next season, which I will run over the break.

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Sandbox Episode 35 – Sky City

Sandbox Episode 35 – Sky City has arrived! In this episode, Christopher and I do a little more world-building, adding in an event for Sky City, our superhero district of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox World. To be honest, this episode is a little rough. Christopher and I were both busy the day we recorded it and for some reason I couldn’t get my brain on track. There’s some side conversation that I think is pretty entertaining and we do give the event some great treatment. I hope you’re inspired for your games

Episode Links

AetherCon V Videos
Christopher’s Traveller SW Conversion
Search for the Tarrakudo (Devon’s Star Wars game notes)
Dr. Horrible
Stargate Continuum

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Sand Castle Episode 6 – Outer Wastes – Psychic Burn

Do we ever have a treat for you! This episode was extremely fun to record and I think we came up with some fantastic ideas to flip a post-apocalyptic game on its head. Someone has become extremely psychically powerful and can’t control their abilities. That unharnessed energy has attracted entities from beyond…

Show Links

Sand Box Worksheet
Power Rangers Trailer

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Pod Chatter Episode 22 – Using the Sand Castle

In this episode, Christopher and I chat about using the adventures created in our Sand Castle episodes. We don’t start out that way, we start talking about dice and dice rolls, continuing a conversation we were having off the mics. We also mention my son, Axel’s, voice work in an episode of the Redemption Podcast, another member of the RPG Academy Network.

Christopher has made a worksheet to help you list out your notes as you brainstorm through the Sand Castle process.

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Sandbox Episode 34 – Outer Wastes

In today’s episode, Christopher and I don our dusty rags, polish and load our ancient firearms and prepare to do battle against those who would steal our meager supplies. We do this to inspire you, dear listener! Don’t let our sacrifice be for nothing.

In this episode, we create an even for the Outer Wastes district, our post-apocalyptic district where everyone constantly must fight for survival. What is the event? Ferric Blight. If you want to know more, you’ll have to listen. But… be careful where you step!

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Cradle of Darkness Episode 7

The end of Cradle of Darkness has arrived! In this episode, we get to hear the fruit of the hunter cell’s plans. Will they destroy the nest of vampires? Will they discover the connection between Esmeralda and the Red Lady? Of course they will, because I wouldn’t have asked those questions, otherwise.

I’ve had a blast putting these episodes together for you and I do hope they’ve served as entertainment and inspiration. Please, enjoy.

Cradle of Darkness is a Hunter: the Vigil actual play run by Devon and played by Caleb of the RPG Academy, Kendall and Chris of the Redemption Podcast, Shane from Total Party Thrill and Eric from Openly Gamer Theater.

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Sand Castle Episode 5 – Mad A.I.

Sand Castle episodes are adventures almost ready to run at your table. All you need to do is create stats for the opposition, figure out the order when things will happen, and run with it! In this episode, Christopher and I have come up with some pretty fun ideas for a cyberpunk work where AIs are being kidnapped. Some are sequestered while others are driven mad. Give it a listen to find out why!

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Pod Chatter Episode 21 – Mixing Scifi & Fantasy

This episode is full of fantastic ideas. If you like science fiction and fantasy and want to combine elements to create your world for fiction or gaming, give this episode a listen. Christopher comes at it from the angle of adding fantasy elements into a science fiction world while I go the opposite route: adding scifi elements to a fantasy world. I hope you are inspired!

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