The Shark Bone Podcast was created by Devon J Kelley and began in early 2010 with Devon and Jarvis as hosts, later adding Aakin to the cast. The original show consisted of two sections, GM’s Reef and Great White. The first section was used to pull ideas from a bit of popular media, usually a movie, and apply them to the hobby of tabletop role playing games. The second section consisted of discussion of various rules, techniques and tools that the hosts found useful during role playing game sessions.

The original show ended in March of 2014 with 200 regular episodes released in a four year period. After several months with no episodes being released, Devon returned with a new show idea, the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox.

This second iteration of the show ran until mid 2017, seeing some changes to the format during that time, including the addition of Christopher Ruthenbeck as co-host. The show ended with Devon’s “retirement” from active podcast content creation.

The site is now a platform for Devon’s world building efforts as well as articles he writes and actual plays of his soloRPG games.

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  1. Brian D. says:

    Hey guys, I’m dropping a line to give you some feedback about some suggestions from the show. I forget which show I’ve grabbed a few of these from, but I know that I got the kernels from you. I just finished up a long running D&D 3.5 campaign.

    The 1st idea was from your suggestions on interesting terrain. The party fought with the bad guys on top of islands of rubble from destroyed towers as a massive portal poured a waterfall of Magma from a hell dimension into a downtown section of a city.

    The 2nd idea was about the boss becoming more powerful after they died. In this scenario, after the acolyte of the evil Dragon Diety that opened the portal was inevitably killed by the party, his soul reappeared in portal as a dragon demon who then attacked the party some more ( also summoning reinforcements). The group was really excited to kill him the second time, and it made the entire scenario that much more difficult and ultimately rewarding.



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