Spark of Ra #13 – Wondrous Companion

Scene Setup: I’ve given the documents to Rakunapten and told him what I’ve learned. I’ll then go out and find another priest from the Priesthood of Ra and try and plan a coup to overthrow my uncle so that, when the Priesthood of Ra makes it back into the palace, my uncle cannot join them.

Die of Fate: 6! Random event happens. The GameMaster’s Apprentice card says, “Inflict, Wonderous, Companion.” Wow… what could that be? I think it would be cool to get a divine familiar that Tekrinto doesn’t want for some reason. Let’s play and see why!

Scene Goal: With the random event happening, I don’t think I need a goal.

After returning to the compound where the Priesthood of Ra is and giving the documents and what I learned to my uncle, live quiets down as he reads through everything and determines how he wants to proceed. The priests continue about their business and I’m left to my own devices.

I’ll spend some time practicing my Knives skill. I probably have a few days to do that, I’ll roll a d6 to see how many. 3 days.

After being left on my own and having time to think, I realize how much better life would be without my uncle always present and hanging over me like a stone block. I decide that it’s time to do something about it. I start talking to the other priests, trying to find one that would take up the job of High Priest in his place and help overthrow Rakunapten.

This is going to be a Circles roll. Priests are in the same setting as I am, but they most definitely are of higher station. That makes it an Ob 3. I’ve got Circles of B2 and a 1D affiliation with Ra’s Temple Guards to use. That’ll be a difficult test, but I need a Routine to advance Circles… I’ll try for a Linked Priesthood-wise test to see if I know who would be in line for the position and an enemy of Rakunapten. That’s likely an Ob 2 roll and I’ve got to roll with Beginner’s Luck with Perception B4, double Ob penalty.

The roll is 4, 4, 5, 6. Fantastic! Spending Fate to open end that 6: 5. Great, I get a +1D to my Circles roll! I know that there are several priests in a position to take over as High Priest, all of which work closely enough with Rakunpaten to hate him.

Rolling Circles now with 4 dice v. the Ob 3. The roll is 1, 1, 5, 5. That is not going to cut it. Circles does go up to B3, though! Woo! I think I’ll just take the failure and kick off the random event.

Asking around sends me to a small shrine at the entrance to the city, where a priest who has been an enemy to Rakunapten for many years is consulting with Ra as he travels the highest part of the sky. I walk into the small stone structure and look around for the priest. The shrine appears to be empty. I call out, but no one responds to me as I walk further in. I stop before the small statue of Ra, in his golden chariot. There is no one here. Shaking my head, I turn to go when a glint from the statue catches my eye. I stop and look back at it. Ra’s light glints off the tip of the spear wielded by the statue in the shrine. Enraptured, I stare at the light, mesmerized by it, somehow. I’m confused as I see wings beating in the light glinting off that spear. The wings get closer and then the light flashes brilliantly in my eyes, blinding me.

The light is gone and I blink my eyes, shaking my head, trying to clear them. I hear the beating of wings in the room with me and as my vision returns to normal, I see a hawk sitting on the tip of Ra’s spear, staring at me, its head cocked to one side.

I’m a little shocked by these events, so I shake my head and turn to leave, but half turn back to bow at the hawk. Because of how it appeared, it might be a messenger of Ra and I can’t disrespect it. I give it a little bow, then leave.

As I return to the busy city street, I hear the flapping of wings. I turn and see the hawk, following me. It glides over to a merchants car, lands on the side and regards me again, its head cocked to the side.

I look around nervously, wondering why this avatar of Ra would follow me. I give it a small bow again and say under my breath, “You honor me, Ra. Please, return to your duties.” Turning, I walk away from the hawk, back towards the center of the city. A few seconds pass, and then I hear the beating of wings again, and the dark shadow cast by the hawk flits over me as the bird lands on a canopy to watch me again, its head cocked to the side.

I stop in the middle of the street and stare at it, not knowing what to do. As I watch it, the hawk opens its wings and a glint of light forms on the tip of its beak. The glint quickly grows and flashes. The brilliance of the noon-day sun blinds me and I have to take a few moments to blink it away and refocus my eyes. The hawk is still there, judging me, its head cocked to the side.

I take a step towards it and ask, “Do you represent our god, Ra?” The bird stares at me through one eye, then it’s head bobs down and turns its other eye to me. I pause, then ask, “Did he send you to watch and help me?” The bird stares for another second before its head bobs down again. I nod and sigh. An avatar of Ra, following me? This might make it more difficult to bring down my uncle, if he has Ra’s support.

I shake my head and turn back to the center of the city, waving the bird on. “Come one, then. I have work to do.”

The bird steps off the canopy and opens its wings to glide over, landing heavily onto my shoulder as I walk towards the compound.

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