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Sand Castle Episode 2 – Skull Island – Marrow’s Map

In this episode, I’m joined by Andrew, known as ThatOneGM. Together, we visit Skull Island again and create an adventure. And it’s a great one! In this adventure, the PCs find or are given a map that leads them to … Continue reading

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Pod Chatter Episode 18 – Railroading: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

In this episode, Christopher and I chat about the much maligned practice of Railroading at the game table! Surprisingly, we had quite a few positive things to say about it! I also realized something about GMing that I hadn’t realized … Continue reading

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Sandbox Episode 30 – Skull Island

Oh, my, you are in for a real treat! In this episode, Kendall from the most excellent Redemption podcast joined me to visit Skull Island. Skull Island is the High Seas/Pirate themed district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox World. … Continue reading

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Cradle of Darkness Episode 2

It’s finally here! The next installment of the Hunter: the Vigil story of the year* has finally arrived. In this episode, our hunter cell locates their employers missing daughter and then things get bloody! I won’t give away too much … Continue reading

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Sand Castle Episode 1 – Underworld – Crystal Orchids

It’s time for an all new show, the Sand Castle! In this episode, Christopher and I come up with an adventure idea for a district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox and flesh it out into something that can be … Continue reading

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