Sandbox Episode 28 – Sky City

This is the last episode of this season of the show. As I announced a couple episodes ago, the Shark Bone Podcast is adopting a seasonal structure to build in some time to rest, plan and avoid podcast burnout. The show will be back with a new episode on August 12th, 2016.

In this episode, Christopher and I visit Sky City, our superhero district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox. A new cold-powered super-villain is born. The citizens gain two reasons to celebrate and two places to gather.

Also, true to form, we tangent. A lot. We chat about our favorite Marvel films for a bit. I talk about my renewed love of coding and we share two HUGE announcements for the RPG Academy Network. I do hope you enjoy this show!

Show Links

Atomic Robo
Swallows of the South
Fear the Boot

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