Mythoard Review

There’s something pretty fantastic going on that you may not have seen. It’s called Mythoard. Mythoard is an RPG subscription box and it’s very cool.

My first exposure to Mythoard was a couple months ago and I’m sorry that I’ve forgotten the exact circumstance. However, I began asking questions and they offered to send me a free Mythoard to review on the podcast. Hey! Free stuff! I accepted.

So far, I’ve received two Mythoards. They are both excellent. The first one simply came in a USPS bubble envelope. I was a little sad about the state of the documents in that first package. The two books both had bent spines and, while they are still functional as books, I had to look at them as a customer. As a customer, I was not happy about that. The content, however, was still really good.

The February Mythoard contained the adventure False Promises, a Beyond the Wall poster with included discount, a one page city map, the one page adventure A Simple Request, a book of three fantasy adventures Bizarre Tales, a bookmark with free download codes for Corporia, a small card for the character Tooluu and finally, three very cool dice.

The March Mythoard is by far my favorite of the two. It contained issue 5 of the Gygax magazine, The Dungeoneers Journal, a one page adventure named Guardian of the Springs, The Miller’s Blunder adventure book, two Dungeonmorph dice and three magnetic monster tokens. This Mythoard came packaged in cardboard inside the shipping envelope.

I am very impressed with the improvement in shipping from the first month to the next. After receiving the February box, I contacted them about the damage to the book spines. They shared my concerns and told me that they were looking into solutions for the issue. They nailed it with the March box.

Almost everything that I have received is for fantasy gaming, which is super awesome if that is your game. The Gygax magazine was sweet, containing the excellent article “Zen and the Art of Game Mastery”.

There is so much stuff here, so many ideas to play with and to serve as inspiration. All this only costs $25 per month in the U.S. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres for gaming and the materials received have me itching to start a fantasy game up soon. Mythoard is a fantastic idea and execution is wonderful. If fantasy is your jam, you owe it to yourself to give this a try for at least one month. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I’ll be ordering another for myself very soon.

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