Sandbox Episode 8 – Underworld

The first day of the year deserves a wonderful episode of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox! And, like always, I’ve got a great one for you today. In this episode, we get to play around with the ‘and, Action!’ segment for the first time, ever! It was a lot of fun and the world has changed because of it. So, enjoy this episode!

Show Links

Entropic Gaming System
Dungeon World
Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide – You can find Fantasy Heroic in here.
Fantasy Heroic Beastiary
Legend of the Five Rings
Burning Wheel
Dungeons & Dragons

Points of Contact
Dustan – @GMsCorner
Christopher – @EldritchFire or +ChristopherRuthenbeck
Devon – @Shark_Bone or +DevonKelley

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