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Episode 108 – Sherlock Holmes / Mysteries

This was a fun episode. I hope you enjoy it. And, I hope you get something useful out of it. Our discussion of Mysteries was really cool. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Sherlock Holmes Great White: Mysteries (starts @ 38:52) Show … Continue reading

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Episode 107 – Zoolander / Dump Stats

I almost forgot to publish this. That would have been bad. But, I remembered just in time. Enjoy. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Zoolander Great White: Dump Stats (starts @ 35:55) Show Links Episode Discussion Thread Episode 100 Trivia Questions

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A Song of Ice and Fire – A Review

I picked this game up at the recommendation of a listener to the show. I’m so glad I did. The game rules are simple enough and very easy to understand. What I really like about the system is that, there … Continue reading

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Episode 106 – Fight Club / Roleplaying Insanity

And, it’s that time of the week again. The Shark Boners are gettin’ all up in your face! ….. That sounds bad. I didn’t mean it that way. BUT! There’s a new FTPH! Complete this hook: “It is the morning … Continue reading

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Episode 105 – 9 / Conflicting Goals

It’s Friday. And you have new Shark Bone. Could this day possibly get any better? … Thought not. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: 9 Great White: Conflicting Goals (starts @ 37:21) Show Links 1st Lensman Book Rapture End of Days Fragmentos

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