Plans for Episode 51

If you are a fan of the show on Facebook, you’ve doubtless seen the Discussions on future episodes, asking for your input before we record. Well, I’m changing up the plan for episode 51. The movie Moon and the Plot Structure discussions will wait until episode 52.

As this coming Sunday is Shark Bone’s 1 year anniversary, we’ll be having a special episode. Jarvis is going to bring beer, Tony’s coming back on, and we’re going to talk about drinking, gaming and drinking while gaming. We’ll also be taking a look at this past year, and talking about the things we’ve learned, what we liked best and what we didn’t like.

Oh, and we’ll be giving 5 gaming products from DriveThruRPG to random fans of the Facebook page, on the show. So, if you’re not a fan of the Facebook page, GO AND FAN US! Well, only if you want a chance to win 1 of 5 products.

Here’s the giveaway list:
Everyone Everywhere List
Mage Noir
Hellas: Shades of Aegis
Fallen Kingdoms
The Esoterrorists

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