Episode 50

It’s time for more Shark Bone and I’m pretty damn excited. This episode was a hell of a lot of fun to record. Sadly, I wasn’t able to include the intro/outro and section bumpers, as my normal podcasting computer has died and I haven’t recovered those files, yet. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, regardless.

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Alien
Great White: Lines & Veils

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3 Responses to Episode 50

  1. Jarvis, I think there is actually a pretty big rift in the RPG community between people who want to just kill everything under the presumption of evil vs those who want to have semi-realistic encounters in the dungeon. This may be something that you don’t see a lot by virtue of not playing a lot of D&D, but it is a big issue.

    One of the things I like the most about the OSR movement is that the original D&D has encounter tables that make it statistically likely that many many encounters will not be hostile at first. You might come across a monster that is just not hungry, a few hobgoblins that are not interested in a fight, etc. And you can talk/avoid them. This is in pretty start contrast to later D&D editions where essentially everything is hostile.

    • Jarvis says:

      I’ve definitely detected that ‘rift’ a few times, yeah.

      What’s the OSR movement?

      • OSR = Old School Revolution/Renaissance/Rules

        People who go back to the original D&D version, either with the actual original texts, with retro-clones that try to emulate those rules as closely as possible (like Labyrinth Lord), or with games that are close to the original text but have some modern innovations (like Lamentations of the Flame Princess).

        My game Errant RPG is in the last category, blending a lot of the “spirit” of the old games in terms of simplicity and exploration focus, while incorporating some modern concepts and a few innovations of my own. For example, I hate clerics so I removed that class and replaced it with the concept of a Scholar that is a person of learning who heals using actual primitive surgery/science and is the only literate class. And I replaced the original rack of saving throws with 8 different saves that represent “reactive” behavior like pulling back to avoid getting hit by a trap but also spotting and listening and similar concepts. However, my game uses a very originalist D&D style in many other ways.

        There is a pretty large range of blogs that are classified as OSR; check out this list here:


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