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Episode 51

On March 20th, 2011, Shark Bone turned 1 year old! This episode was recorded on that date and is a special celebration. Beer was drunk, stories were told and we took a look at some of our favorite topics from … Continue reading

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Episode 50

It’s time for more Shark Bone and I’m pretty damn excited. This episode was a hell of a lot of fun to record. Sadly, I wasn’t able to include the intro/outro and section bumpers, as my normal podcasting computer has … Continue reading

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Plans for Episode 51

If you are a fan of the show on Facebook, you’ve doubtless seen the Discussions on future episodes, asking for your input before we record. Well, I’m changing up the plan for episode 51. The movie Moon and the Plot … Continue reading

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Episode 49

This week has gone by so quickly! I didn’t realize it was Friday until after I’d already started work. So you know, this show is now Explicit. Just so you know. Show Synopsis GM’s Reef: Saving Private Ryan Great White: … Continue reading

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Episode 48

For this episode, we have a special guest, Lenny Balsera, of Evil Hat Fame. He dashes onto the scene to explain Aspects and how they can change your life and make you more attractive. If that doesn’t work, at least … Continue reading

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CHUM09 – Adding Color to Your RPGs

This is an idea I had several weeks ago and found today, while I was cleaning out my digital voice recorder. I decided to turn it into an article and post it as a CHUM episode. It’s roughly 5 minutes … Continue reading

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