Episode 37 & New FTPH

It’s Friday!  Woo!  I’m excited for the weekend, and you should be too!  Here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ to get you started.

This episode also marks a return to our Finish This Plot Hook contests!  Here’s the start to this one:

“You are in the Bashful Goblin Taver, eating the worst bowl of stew you’ve ever had in your life.  Your eyes are heavy as you shovel thes lop into your mouth.  You plunge the wooden spoon into the plate, but it clacks emptily against the wood.  You look into the bowl, and see it’s contents swirling with shimmers of blue nd purple light.  Stunned, you watch as the swirl speeds up and turns into a perfect light blue surface that shows you…”

Leave a comment or email your entries!  This contest is over December 25th, 2010 at 1159pm.

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef:  Commando
Great White:  Physical Counters

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Stars Without Number

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