Pod Chatter Episode 12 – PC Romance

In this episode, Christopher and I chatted about in-game PC romance in front of a live Hangouts audience. If you missed it, we will be recording our next on on February 25th! Watch for the event on Google +.

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CHUM 39 – 5e OGL, DMG and You

This past weekend, Christopher sat down with Lucas and Shane to chat about the new 5e OGL, the Dungeon Master’s Guild and what it means to game content creators. Also, codes for Battlebards.com are at the beginning of the show. Go make a purchase and get cool bonus stuff.

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CHUM 38 – Battlebards

A few days ago, I once again had the pleasure to chat with Alex of Battlebards fame about, you guessed it: Battlebards! In this episode, Alex tells me that Battlebards is going live with its public beta on February 1st, 2016 and I could not be more excited. They provided me with some preview audio and allowed me to use it in this episode, so if you’ve wondered what you’ll get from Battlebards, look no further. Enjoy!

Show Links

Alex on Twitter

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Sandbox Episode 23 – Skull Island

Arrr! Ye be welcome to another episode of this here podcast! It’s filled to bursting with wonderful pirate and swashbuckling themed ideas for ye to bring into yer own games! Now, get to looting, and make yer tabletop experience better, says I!

In this episode, Christopher and I continue phase 2 of the Sandbox, adding a couple holidays and landmarks to Skull Island. Also, things go badly for Jacques de Malpass.

Episode Links

5e OGL
Dungeon Master’s Guild
Christopher’s interview with Rob Schwalb
7th Sea 2nd Edition
How It Should Have Ended

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CHUM 37 – Planning Better Scenes

Awhile ago, I started using a different method for planning the scenes in my game sessions. That method has worked out really well for me so I decided to share it and some quick thoughts. This is the result. This episode is much shorter than our normal episodes, coming in at just under five minutes. I hope you find the thoughts useful.

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CHUM 36 – Shadow of the Demon Lord

Boy, do we have a treat for you! This past weekend, Christopher had the opportunity to chat with Robert Schwalb, the designer of Shadow of the Demon Lord. I wasn’t able to join them due to scheduling issues, but Christopher asked some great questions. There’s lots of stuff coming for the game in the future and it’s exciting!

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Pod Chatter Episode 11 – Licensed IPs

Welcome to the new year! Christopher and I had a blast recording this episode live via Google Hangouts. What? You didn’t know we recorded Pod Chatters live? Well, we certainly do, and we want you to join us on the next one! The planned date is 1/28/16 at 8pm PT. That’ll firm up as we get closer.

The sound quality is not as good as normal only because I had to edit this the very night we recorded it in order to have it out on schedule. Darn holidays. Enjoy!

Show Links

The RPG Academy on G+
First Contact: X-Corps Kickstarter

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Sandbox Episode 22 – Underworld

This episode is a few hours late and for that I apologize. I blame Christmas! Seriously, I didn’t manage my time very efficiently this week and because of that didn’t start editing this episode until this morning. But! It’s done and in your hot hands, now, and I hope you enjoy it.

In this episode, we’re joined by Caleb from The RPG Academy. We start Phase II of the Sandbox podcast, shaking things up a bit. No longer are we creating Locations and Faces for the Sandbox districts. We are now creating Holidays and Landmarks. I think it went very well this episode.

Show Links

First Contact Kickstarter
Shadow of the Demon Lord
RPGA Wushu Trial
The Man with the Golden Torque

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Pod Chatter Episode 10 – Play Aids

We really enjoyed doing this episode. We actually had some viewers online for the live recording of this episode! Due to that, there are some start and stops while we are answering questions from our live audience, but it’s a great discussion and we talk about some really cool gaming tools. Enjoy!

Show Links

The Angry GM – Manage Combat Like a Dolphin
Paizo Combat Pad
City of Brass
Talking Tabletop
Customizable GM Screen

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Sandbox Episode 21 – Sky City

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I am sleepy. I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had an enjoyable and safe holiday. For those who didn’t celebrate it, I hope your day was good and enjoyable as well. Now, here is a new Sandbox episode to make the day after enjoyable.

Show Links

Mutants & Masterminds
Wild Talents
Cold Steel Wardens
Making a Great Villain – The Mastermind

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