Pod Chatter Episode 5 – Learning New Games

We all like to experience new games. It’s so much fun to learn a new setting and new mechanics! In this episode, Christopher, Senda and I chat about how we go about learning new games. We discuss the steps we take and what external resources we find helpful. Enjoy!

Show Links

She’s a Super Geek Podcast
John Carter RPG Announcement
Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Firefly RPG

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Sandbox Episode 16 – Skull Island

Oh boy, oh boy! We’ve got a treat for you, peeps. It’s this episode! Yay!

In this episode, Christopher and I are joined by Matthew of The RPG Academy fame. In this episode, we chat about Doc Em’s failure while working toward her goal. We also create three new locations with faces to add to the Skull Island district of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world. Make sure to check out the wiki, where you’ll (eventually) find the world notes created in this episode. Enjoy!

Show Links

AcadeCon on Facebook
Shark Bone Jr.
Matt Parody on Twitter
Firefly RPG

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Pod Chatter Episode 4 – Social Contract

How do you know what goes and what is a no-go at the table? In this episode we tell you! Let me give you a hint: It’s all in the communication! Enjoy!

Show Links
Lines and Veils
X Cards

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Sandbox 15 – Underworld

Leaving episode editing to the last moment is not advisable. Especially when it takes 2.5 to 3 hours to get it ready to go out the door! So, I’m tired. No show notes for now. I’ll update them later. Enjoy the episode!

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CHUM 33 – Murderous Monsters Bestiary

Christopher and I sit down to speak with Brent about his Murderous Monsters Bestiary Kickstarter! We had a great time and got sidetracked by VHS reminiscence, G.I. Joe and Stargate. I hope you enjoy this episode. And, go back the Bestiary!

Show Links
Brent on G+
Stargate Notebook

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Pod Chatter Episode 3 – Favorite Rule Systems

As a reminder, the Shark Bone Podcast will now be releasing every other Friday. And this is an other Friday! So you get a new episode full of wonderful goodness from Christopher and myself! Happy Friday. Enjoy this bit of chatting on the mics.

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Sandbox Episode 14 – Sky City

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Or… listen to it, since this is a podcast. And a very good one. I found myself laughing throughout it during editing.

I must apologize that it ends a little suddenly as Eloy’s audio suddenly just… ended. Accidental bumping of the ‘Stop’ button.

In this episode, you’ll enjoy our wonderful discussions of Sky Pirates, Lightning Power Generation, Assassins, Plumber’s Crack, West Side Story, Assassins and Other Stuff(TM). Enjoy!

Show Links
Third Eye Games
Eloy on Twitter
Threshold: Tragic Superheroes
Forbidden Island
Shark Bone Jr.
Amp Year One

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CHUM 32 – BattleBards

A couple evenings ago, I took the opportunity to sit down and chat with Alex and Mike from BattleBards! Have you ever wanted cool audio to use at the gaming table? If so, you NEED to check out their Kickstarter. It’s already funded so you can get in on it and get some great stuff. Also, check out their YouTube channel for some great additional content.

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Pod Chatter Episode 2 – Play By Post

Here’s the newest Pod Chatter episode, everyone. For this one, we had Rohit on from Gamersplane to talk about play by post gaming! It’s a good discussion. Enjoy!

Episode Links
Patreon Page
Christopher’s Patreon

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Sandbox Episode 13 – Outer Wastes

Let me begin by apologizing for the quality of William’s sound. I cleaned it up the best I could but it’s still not perfect. You can understand his contributions, which is why I didn’t scrap this whole episode. He made some really great contributions, too.

I think you’ll enjoy this episode. There are some great additions to the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world and a really great development for The Chief. Give it a listen. And remember to review the show on iTunes and Stitcher!

Show Links
Shark Bone Gamers on G+ (drinking game)
Shark Bone Podcast on iTunes
RPG Podcasts.com
Gamma World
Apocalypse World
Gaston singing
Superman and Lois first time sex
Gune from Titan A.E.

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