Sandbox Episode 1 – Underworld

It is time to present the first real episode in the Sandbox series! In this episode, Tony and Mike join me to help create some really fun details for Underworld, the fantasy district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world. There are so many good ideas in this episode! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

The details from this episode will be added to the wiki before episode 2 releases. I think that’s going to be the pace of it all: release an episode, then get all the stuff created in that episode on the wiki before the next episode drops, then start the cycle over.

Show Links
Pirate Loot Kickstarter

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Sandbox Episode 0 – Teaser

Teaser episode for the Sandbox, a new world building show coming to you from the Shark Bone Podcast! Hopefully, this will get you guys excited for episode 1, that will feature Underworld, the fantasy district of the Sandbox.

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State of the Bone 01

Hey, everyone! It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us, and we decided it was high time to update you on our activities! So, we talk about what we’ve been up to since the end of the show and also a bit about the God Machine rules update for the World of Darkness. Enjoy!

Show Links

Inspiration Pad Pro
D&D Next Basic Rules

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Episode 200 – Favorite Topics / Q&A

With mixed emotions I send this out to you. This project has been amazing. I have learned so much and grown into a better person. It gave me the courage to create things that I never would have otherwise. It helped me overcome the hesitance I had to speak with people I didn’t know. I have met so many wonderful people through this effort. You all have had a hand in creating this show. During times when our enthusiasm flagged, our fans gave us the push to keep going. You all deserve a heart felt “Thank You”!

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Favorite Topics
Great White: Q&A

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Episode 199 – History / Traitors

The second to last episode, people. Enjoy this one and remember, get ready to watch our FINAL episode LIVE on Google+ Hangouts, this coming Sunday, March 23rd. We go live at 4pm PT.

Episode 200 Recording Event

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Episode 198 – Action / Unkillable PCs

It’s Pi Day! That fact does not come into this episode at all, but it’s still fun. Anywho…

This is one of the last episodes of Shark Bone! It’s a lot of fun. We came up with some ideas, maybe things you’ve already heard, but still some good advice on these topics. Please enjoy.

Our final episode is going to be recorded via Google Hangout on Air on March 23rd, 2014 at 4pm PT. Mark your calendars if you want to watch it live and participate via comments!

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Action
Great White: Unkillable PCs

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Episode 197 – Big Fish / Escalation

Welcome to Friday! This is the last day of the work week, for quite a few people I’m sure. In order to make this last day of work more enjoyable, and less productive, we’re providing you with this audio file. Enjoy.

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Big Fish
Great White: Escalation (starts @ 28:08)

Show Links

Episode Discussion Thread
Mutant Chronicles Open Beta
Mage 20th Kickstarter
13th Age Pathways Map

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Episode 196 – Comedy / Taking Games Less Seriously

You’re weekly dose of Shark Bone is ready for consumption. Enjoy responsibly.

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Comedy
Great White: Taking Games Less Seriously

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Episode 195 – Exploration / World Building

Another Friday has come and gone, bringing with it one of the last few episodes of Shark Bone! Enjoy this one, guys. We all felt really good after recording this one. It’s full of great ideas.

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Exploration
Great White: World Building

Show Links

Mutant Chronicles Kickstarter

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Episode 194 – Comic Book Movies / Existing Settings

Oh, goodness! Something special is going on today, I can feel it. I can’t seem… to remember… what it is!

Oh, well. At least you get more SHARK BONE today!

Show Synopsis

GM’s Reef: Comic Book Movies
Great White: Playing in Existing Settings

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