Pod Chatter Episode 17 – Smallville

For this episode, Christopher and I talked about something we both love, Smallville! There’s a little chat about the show, but mostly it turned into talk about the tabletop roleplaying game put out by Margaret Weis Productions. That game has created so many fond memories for the both of us and really showed me how good a roleplaying game could get. We had a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy it.

Episode Links
Smallville RPG
Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide
Margaret Weis.com

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Sandbox Episode 29 – Underworld

To begin season 3 in the Sandbox show, Christopher and I shake things up and talk about an event that could shake up the district. That’s right, could not is. We both felt that the Sandbox was getting a little unwieldy and was turning into a story instead of a show full of inspiration for your games.

In this episode, we’ve got invasive fungus, crystal people, ghosts, mutants and a whole host of other bad guys to threaten Underworld.

I do hope you enjoy this show!

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Cradle of Darkness Episode 1

In a dark Mexico City, a group of hunters fight against the night to safeguard those who don’t even know they need protection. This is one such story. Cradle of Darkness is a Hunter: the Vigil actual play and will be released over several episodes during this season of the Shark Bone Podcast. I’m very excited to bring this to you. We all had a blast playing the game and I hope it’s fun to listen to.

WARNING: This actual play earns the Explicit tag that all episodes of the Shark Bone Podcast carry. Be warned that there is some adult content in this story.

Show Links

Hunter: the Vigil
God Machine Rules Update

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Why Player Narrative Control is Good for You and Your Group

This is a companion piece to one written by Michael of The RPG Academy.

Michael just explained to those who don’t allow for Player Narrative Control (PNC) how to get your feet wet and try it. I, however, am going to take the other approach and throw you in the deep end! Instead of explaining how to do it, I’m going to let you know why you should do it.

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Sandbox Episode 28 – Sky City

This is the last episode of this season of the show. As I announced a couple episodes ago, the Shark Bone Podcast is adopting a seasonal structure to build in some time to rest, plan and avoid podcast burnout. The show will be back with a new episode on August 12th, 2016.

In this episode, Christopher and I visit Sky City, our superhero district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox. A new cold-powered super-villain is born. The citizens gain two reasons to celebrate and two places to gather.

Also, true to form, we tangent. A lot. We chat about our favorite Marvel films for a bit. I talk about my renewed love of coding and we share two HUGE announcements for the RPG Academy Network. I do hope you enjoy this show!

Show Links

Atomic Robo
Swallows of the South
Fear the Boot

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Pod Chatter Episode 16 – RPGs As Art

In this episode, we experienced quite a few glitches with my connection to the Blab we used to present the show live. If it sounds a bit disjointed at times, it’s because of that.

If you’ve ever thought your game sessions were artistic, I believe there’s a reason for that. Playing RPGs can be very artistic and in this episode, we explore that a bit more. There’s lots of good discussion, some tips on how to make your games more art-y and there’s some Quinn at the end with some very good points. Quinn joined us from the Swallows of the South podcast.

Enjoy the show!

Show Links

Total Party Thrill
AcadeCon Kickstarter Funded!
Relationship Map Episode
Swallows of the South

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Sandbox Episode 27 – Outer Wastes

In this episode, a crazy scientist has a tragic mishap in the deep desert that bodes ill for the rest of the surface world. Village dwellers remember their relatives even as they force non-contributors out. A powerful woman takes gruesome trophies from those who upset her.

For this episode, we had Chris from the Redemption Podcast on and it was very enjoyable. Chris was a little quieter than Christopher and I were, but his contributions are excellent.

Also, The Veil received a mention. The Veil is a Cyberpunk game currently being Kickstarted. It is Powered by the Apocalypse and the Kickstarter is pretty impressive. It definitely looks interesting.

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Pod Chatter Episode 15 – Religions in Gaming

Whether you’ve ever thought deeply about using religion in your tabletop roleplaying game or not, there’s something in this episode you’ll enjoy. We talk about gods, we talk about religions and we talk about rituals and prayers. Religion can be a touchy subject, but it doesn’t have to be, especially in our imagination. I do hope that you enjoy this episode.

Show Links

AcadeCon 2016 Kickstarter
Rapture: The End of Days

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Sandbox Episode 26 – Crater Colony

In this episode, Christopher and I give a sports book hostess a chance to strike it rich in a low gravity cage match. Then, we add terrestrial eclipses, times of introspection, a monolith and an old statue fallen to the moon. This don’t go as you would imagine, but there are so many wonderful ideas in this episode!

Episode Links

Acadecon 2016
Shark Bone Jr.
Damn the Man, Save the Music: SASG
Three Act Story Structure Episode
Dark Heresy RPG
Fire and Frost
Ray, Finn, Poe Meme
Starwalker Studios

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Pod Chatter Episode 14 – The Three Act Story Structure

In this episode, Christopher and I discuss using the three act story structure in games. Specifically, prepping and running games using this structure as a framework for the stories told at the game table. I think it’s a great tool. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode. Also, Christopher defines an orgy for us. Good stuff.

Show Links

Three Act Story Structure

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