Pod Chatter Episode 1 – Dice

Welcome to the very first episode of our new Pod Chatter show! In this episode, Christopher and I sit down to talk about one of the most wonderful things involved in gaming: Dice!

Show Links
Spaceballs 2
Edge of the Empire
Helix on Syfy

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Sandbox Episode 12 – Crater Colony

It’s time to break out your hammers and nails and story lumber to get to work on building this Sandbox world! In this episode, Christopher and Ro help me to make some cool ideas to inspire you in your own games. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Show Links

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CHUM 30 – Goblin Hunters

This weekend, I had the pleasure to sit across from a digital table with Ray Williams and chat about his newest card game, Goblin Hunters. The game plays really quickly and sounds like a lot of fun. You can back the game at the Kickstarter page. To find out more about Ray and his other games, visit his website, Munji Studios. Thanks for listening!

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CHUM 29 – Show’s Future / Shadowcraft

You may have been expecting another episode of the Sandbox, but we’ve made some changes to the show. You’ll hear all about them in this CHUM episode. And, we talk about making CHUMs a part of the regular release schedule, but after recording this episode, I decided against that. CHUMs will still be the bonus, random, whenever they happen shows. I’ve created a show called Pod Chatter for the banter episodes. I’m sure they’ll be fun.

The second part of this episode is an interview with Christopher and JM about Shadowcraft: The Glamour War! It’s a fun discussion and the game sounds really cool. Check out the Kickstarter! All links are below.

Show Links
Iconic Podcast
Animal Farm
Shadowcraft on Kickstarter
JM on G+

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Old Show Episode Archive

The original Shark Bone Podcast show format has been retired, but it still has its fans! This past week I was contacted by a listener who wanted to re-download all the episodes from the Old Show but didn’t want to go back and download them individually. As there are 201 episodes to download for the Old Show, I completely understand!

To make things a little easier, I’ve created a zip file containing all 201 episodes of the Old Show. You can download it from my Google Drive. It’s a large download, weighing in at close to 7 gigs, so it might take awhile.

Thanks for listening! Enjoy.

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Sandbox Episode 11 – The Pit

Prepare yourselves for a show filled with lots of laughs and silliness. Michael from the RPG Academy came aboard and helped make this a fun-filled and inspirational episode. Enjoy.

EDIT: I’ve been notified that I made a mistake at the very beginning of the episode! The RPG subscription site is MytHoard.com, not MythBoard. Sorry.

Show Links

Sandbox Wiki
Dresden Files RPG
The Strange
Monster of the Week
Changeling: the Lost
Call of Cthulhu
The RPG Academy
nWoD Dark Eras Kickstarter

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Sandbox Episode 10 – Orbital Platform Delta 4

If there is a better way to start a new month off than with a new episode of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox, I don’t know it. For this episode, Christopher and myself were joined by the always awesome Caleb from The RPG Academy. We talk about political plots to bring back old colony ships, OCD artificial intelligence, assassin asteroid miners, time travel and Stargate. LOTS of Stargate. Enjoy the episode, then let us know what your favorite bit was!

Show Links

Sandbox Wiki
Cthulhu Tech
The RPG Academy

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Sandbox Episode 9 – Skull Island

Once again, I have a marvelous episode of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox for your listening enjoyment in the middle of the month! Grant, Christopher and myself sit down to do the first roll on the Meanwhile Chart in Skull Island and then create three new Places and Faces. There are so many cool ideas in this episode! Enjoy.

Show Links

Sandbox Wiki
Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies
Aether Sea
7th Sea
Fort Boyard
Saving the Game Podcast
Episode 51 STG

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Entropic Gaming System RPG

If you’re curious about the Entropic Gaming System RPG that was mentioned on the Sandbox show, I’ve got your information here. Here’s a look at the cover, and below you can read the press release from Mystical Throne Entertainment.

Entropic Gaming System RPG Book Cover

Book Cover

After a very successful Open Beta Playtest, Mystical Throne Entertainment has released the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook to cover all tabletop roleplaying genres and subgenres.

The Entropic Gaming System is the newest set of tabletop roleplaying base mechanics designed to embrace the standard needs of all genres. It’s designed to be approachable using familiar mechanics utilized in a new way to be flexible and minimal while still blending together properly. Mechanics such as Ability and Skill combinations allow for fewer skills to be used across a wider array of actions without needing more skills. The Quality mechanics make it easy for characters to obtain bonuses by translating their character’s concept into in-game tools. And Talents make magic and science extremely flexible for all fettered and unfettered situations.

After two years of design, the Open Beta Playtest was launched at the end of July and ran until the first week of December. Over 1,700 people downloaded the playtest packet and lots of excellent feedback was received to qualify playtesters for one of the given playtest reward tiers. This method of rewarding playtesters was received extremely well and the Entropic Gaming System was able to be run through many different GMs and players to work out all the bugs and fine-tune the mechanics!

“The Entropic Gaming System is my backbone for Shadowed Earth (a fantasy horror alternate history of Earth). Due to Shadowed Earth’s multi-era design, I needed maximum flexibility with a single system that doesn’t require a bunch of different mechanics to be added with each setting and era,” said Mystical Throne Entertainment and Entropic Gaming System designer Aaron T. Huss. “However, I wanted to avoid an excessive quantity of mechanics and still maintain that flexibility. After two years of brainstorming, development, and professional advice, the Entropic Gaming System was born!”

The Entropic Gaming System core rulebook is now or will be available in PDF format from the Mystical Throne Entertainment webstore, DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and Paizo.com. A print-on-demand version will be available around the first of January from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

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Sandbox Episode 8 – Underworld

The first day of the year deserves a wonderful episode of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox! And, like always, I’ve got a great one for you today. In this episode, we get to play around with the ‘and, Action!’ segment for the first time, ever! It was a lot of fun and the world has changed because of it. So, enjoy this episode!

Show Links

Entropic Gaming System
Dungeon World
Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide – You can find Fantasy Heroic in here.
Fantasy Heroic Beastiary
Legend of the Five Rings
Burning Wheel
Dungeons & Dragons

Points of Contact
Dustan – @GMsCorner
Christopher – @EldritchFire or +ChristopherRuthenbeck
Devon – @Shark_Bone or +DevonKelley

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